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    My boys have their father's surname and my partner's daughter has my partner's surname. This baby will also take my partner's surname, and so will any subsequent children. The boys are aware of this and have said they don't care that the baby won't have the same name as them. All the full siblings in our family share/will share a surname (Luke and Elliot have one, plus this baby and any others we have will have another) and I wouldn't want it any other way. Libby's the odd one out as she has her dad's surname but has no full siblings and will only be a half sibling to this baby but will share a surname.
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    We're doing this. My daughter has my partner's last name and this baby is getting mine. We're not legally married but that's due to personal beliefs about marriage. We're actually planning on changing all of our surnames to a name we've had picked out for over a year, just haven't been able to do it yet, so in the mean time we're just going back and forth on the kids' names. I don't think it matters too much what other people may or may not assume, just whatever works for each individual family!

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    Yes, I think it would be very weird. I think it might make the children feel differently about their relationships with both of you. I really can't understand doing this just because you like fns that don't go well with his ln. And if I were the child I would resent having to always explain my family relationships just because of esthetics. I prefer my maiden name to my dh's name but I would never contemplate choosing to give one name to one child and one to another. A name is more than just a name imo, it is a connection to your family and I think doing this would give them different connections that really could be problematic.
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    Being from a complicated family, having half-siblings with both a different mother and a different father than me, I think it's fine if you feel that is what will fit best with your family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistressmary View Post
    I think if you're only doing because you can't think of any other names you like that work with that surname, it is a little weird. I'm an only child, but I wouldn't want to have a different surname from my full sibling unless it was for some other, more rational reason. Just my thoughts.

    Agreed - I know that in some families kids get a mixture of mom's or dad's surname, but I think it is usually about both parent's desire to preserve their surnames (and not wanting to burden a child with a long hyphenated last name). This seems like a much more valid reason to me than simply wanting her first name to fit better with her surname. There are lots of first name choices out there . . . .

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