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    I guess it would be a little weird. My husband isn't too keen on it anyway, I asked him today and he said "Do I get to pick the first name then?" I immediately said NO. I think he was kind of joking anyway, he hates making decisions. His surname is more romantic and definitely more recognizable than mine too.
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    I know two families who have children with different surnames. The first one is because the mum wasn't married when she had her first so he go her maiden name but when she had her second she was married so the baby got her married name. Both children had the same mother and father. The other family is my friend's. Her parents split up when she was young. Her and her sister had the same last name but her sister decided to change it to her mums maiden name whereas my friend wanted to keep her fathers last name. I have always thought about it, only because if me or my sisters don't have a son with our last name, our family name will have ended as we are the last one to bear the name. We have no first cousins with the same last name. I hope one of my sisters give their children our last name because I really don't like it and don't really want my children to have it.

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    Maybe you can all take your surname? That way there's continuity and you get the surname you think sounds best.

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    Whatever works, go for it! The name of the writer is escaping me right now, but there is one who did this, her DD got husbands last name and her DS her last name (since she was the only female, she wanted to carry on her family name I think the way the story went) and it worked for them. People get used to it, sure its not "what people usually do" but every family is unique in naming.
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    I'm inclined to attach surnames to identity more than first names. Personally, I would want to take my husbands last name (no hyphens) and give it to my children. Your first name is your personal identity, it's how you identify yourself to others and are known as an individual. Your last name is how you identify with your family, it's the paper representation of a physical and emotional connection, just as your first name is the paper representation of the physical you.

    Giving one child your last name from the same father for no reason other than naming options is a bit extreme. I'm sure you love plenty of other names just as much, if not more. Don't unnecessarily complicate your child's life for something as silly as 'flow.'
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