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    I haven't read the books, but I think of the constellation when I hear the name...and Vega of Lyra is one of my favorite stars.
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    Well, in the movie it's pronounced lie-ruh.

    I know a Lira who pronounces her name leer-uh.
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    I've always been torn over pronouncing it "Leer-a" or "Lie-ra" but I like the sounds of both. If you want something that everyone automatically knows how to pronounce, this might not be it. Maybe give it a few Starbucks tests?

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    i love the name! It is one of my top picks for a girl!
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    Haha Starbucks tests - might just do that! I never thought of pronnouncing it Lee-ra, I think that's OK though. I also love the constellation connection! Such a beautiful name.

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