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    Girls names, too similar?

    I'm loving the name Carys for baby on the way. What do you think of Carys and Cara as a mother daughter combo? Too close. Carys pronounced like Paris and Cara like Car (like the vehicle) -ra. (I'm not in US).
    I find them defferent on pronounciation alone but is it different enough or could it get confusing?
    Any other ideas?

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    For a mother and daughter, I think it's okay. If it was sisters, I would say too close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatkathryngirl View Post
    For a mother and daughter, I think it's okay. If it was sisters, I would say too close.
    I agree. (Indeed there are plenty of cases where a parent and child, especially when males are involved, to have the exact same first name.)

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    I agree with the PPs. And I would say it's even better than if it was in the US, because instead of "Paris with a C" and Car-ah, it would be KARE-iss and KARE-ah. I think it's fine for mother and daughter. Not so much for sisters, but fine for mom and baby.
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    I think it is fine!

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