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    Tremlett Family
    Of Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon, England

    Unity "Mockridge" Tremlett- Hufflepuff- half-blood
    Barney Tremlett- Ravenclaw- pure-blood

    Both own and operate Mockridge and Tremlett in Diagon Alley. They make and sell wizarding jewelry.


    Ignatius Goodwin Tremlett- Slytherin
    Veronica Maisie Tremlett- Hufflepuff
    Cyprian Geoffrey Tremlett- Slytherin
    Lucretia Augusta Tremlett- Hufflepuff
    Elias Fingal Tremlett- Slytherin
    Gregory Heathcole Tremlett- Gryffindor/Septima Prudence Tremlett- Ravenclaw

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    Where do you live?

    7: Hogsmeade, Moray, Scotland

    7. Both professors at Hogwarts: Ancient Runes and Potions

    What houses were you in at Hogwarts?
    8. Ravenclaw and Ravenclaw.

    What are your blood statuses?
    6: Spouse 1 is muggle-born, while Spouse 2 is a pure-blood.

    LN: Bonham-Ackerley

    Spouse 1: Marie Elora Bonham
    Spouse 2: Beaufort Will Ackerley

    b, g, b/g, g, g, b, b/g
    1. Hamish Oliver, Hufflepuff
    2. Maisie Druella, Ravenclaw
    3. Galvin Walter/Cormack Geoffrey, Gryffindor/Gryffindor
    4. Orla Muriel, Slytherin
    5. Seamus Euan, Hufflepuff
    6. Lorcan Otto, Gryffindor
    7. Rowena Mary/Phineas Edgar, Slytherin/Hufflepuff

    - Elsa, an owl

    List your family here:
    Marie and Beaufort Bonham-Ackerley with Hamish, Maisie, Galvin, Cormack, Orla, Seamus, Lorcan, Rowena and Phineas.

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    -Live in Cokeworth, England.
    -Make livings as Hogwarts professors. Spouse 1 is the Potions professor and Spouse 2 is the Ancient Runes professor.
    -Both in Gryffindor.
    -Spouse 1 is half-blood and Spouse 2 is pure-blood

    LN: Zeller

    Spouse 1: Aaron Leonard Zeller
    Spouse 2: Terra Silene Imago Zeller

    Child 1 (G): Melania Verity Zeller "Lanie" -Gryffindor-
    Children 2 (G & G): Emma Poppy Zeller "Emmy" -Ravenclaw- & Maisie Leanne Zeller "Maze" -Ravenclaw-
    Child 3 (G): Ariana Daphne Zeller "Ari" -Hufflepuff-
    Children 4 (G & G): Kendra Daisy Zeller "Kady (KD)" -Slytherin- & Marietta Lily Zeller "Mari" -Gryffindor-
    Child 5 (G): Hestia Alice Zeller "Ti" -Slytherin-
    Children 6 (B & B): Leonard Maximus Zeller "Leo" -Gryffindor- & Peter Nicolas Zeller "Pete" -Hufflepuff-
    Child 7 (B): William Dean Zeller "Will" -Hufflepuff-

    Owl (B): Zeus

    Aaron & Terra
    Lanie (25)
    Emmy (23)
    Maze (23)
    Ari (19)
    Kady (17)
    Mari (17)
    Ti (16)
    Leo (14)
    Pete (14)
    Will (11)
    Favorite Names
    Rosemarie Violet ♀ Alyxandrea Onyx ♀
    Lilyanna Scarlett ♀ Cassia Primrose ♀
    Aristanae ♀ Nastasya ♀ Vasilisa ♀

    Jasper Felix ♂ Adrian Caspar ♂
    Mason Ryder ♂ Sebastian Archer ♂
    Asher ♂ Reyn ♂

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    We live in Mould-on-the-Wold, England
    I am and Quidditch commentator and my husband is a player for the Chudley Cannons. I am a Gryffindor and he is a Ravenclaw.
    Jennifer Amanda Bonham
    Kieran Joshua Samuel Mockridge

    1. Cadmus John- Slytherin
    2. Poppy Arabella- Slytherin
    3. Cormac Dai- Slytherin
    4. Daisy Marietta- Ravenclaw
    5. Alice Carlotta- Slytherin
    6. Penelope Violetta- Ravenclaw (twin)
    7. Otto Lorcan- Ravenclaw (twin)
    8. Elladora Rose- Hufflepuff<-- the black sheep lol

    Our owl's name is Ianto

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    The family lives in London, England. The husband is a DADA professor and the wife teaches Astronomy. The wife is a hufflepuff and muggle-born and the husband a slytherin and a half-blood. Husband: Demitri Septimus Mordaunt Wife: Lilia Willa Ogden Mordaunt Children: 1. Wilhelmina "Mina" Aurora- Slytherin 2. Minerva "Minnie" Poppy-Ravenclaw and Gideon Cedric- Gryffindor (twins) 3. Cornelius "Neil" Arthur- Slytherin 4. Owen Aidan- Slytherin 5. Eloise "Ellie" Alice- Ravenclaw 6. Agnes Bridget- Gryffindor 7. Lysander Gregory- Slytherin Owl: Athena

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