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    Tremlett Family
    Of Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon, England

    Unity "Mockridge" Tremlett- Hufflepuff- half-blood
    Barney Tremlett- Ravenclaw- pure-blood

    Both own and operate Mockridge and Tremlett in Diagon Alley. They make and sell wizarding jewelry.


    Ignatius Goodwin Tremlett- Slytherin
    Veronica Maisie Tremlett- Hufflepuff
    Cyprian Geoffrey Tremlett- Slytherin
    Lucretia Augusta Tremlett- Hufflepuff
    Elias Fingal Tremlett- Slytherin
    Gregory Heathcole Tremlett- Gryffindor/Septima Prudence Tremlett- Ravenclaw

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