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    The Vance Family

    Reside in: Little Hangleton, England.

    DH: Liam August, Spain Quidditch team member, Ravenclaw, pureblood.
    DW: Aurora Quinn, Quidditch Commentator, Ravenclaw, pureblood.

    DS: Oliver Lennox, Slytherin.
    DS: Adrian Josiah, Ravenclaw.
    DS: Andrew Terrence, Hufflepuff.
    DS/DS: Anthony Stephen, Ravenclaw & Eric Marcus, Slytherin.
    DD: Matilda Rosalind, Slytherin.
    DS: Otto Nicolas, Gryffindor.
    DD: Mary Emmeline, Hufflepuff.
    Owl: Nike.

    Aurora & Liam Vance; Adrian, Drew, Tony, Eric, Mattie, Otto, & Mary with their owl, Nike.

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