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    Mar 2013
    Location: Abergavenny, Wales

    How the family makes a living?: Puddlemere United Keeper & Quidditch Commentator

    Spouse 1: Barnabas Ambrose Creswell-Slytherin, halfblood
    Spouse 2: Grier Druella (McDougal) Creswell- Hufflepuff, muggleborn

    DS: Oswald Ignatius- Gryffindor
    DD: Gwendolyn Verity- Hufflepuff
    DS: Dexter Cyprian- Gryffindor
    DS: Alasdair Fergus- Ravenclaw
    DD: Rosalind Hestia- Ravenclaw
    DD: Greta Yvonne- Gryffindor
    DD: Emmeline Rowena- Ravenclaw

    DO: Zeus, the family's Great Gray owl
    Dylan Reese Kieran Lennox Owen
    Avery Quinn Delaney Sloane Lennon

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    May 2012
    Abergavenny, Wales
    As remedial Apparition instructors
    Ravenclaw and Slytherin (mom and dad)
    Spouse 1 is a half-blood, while Spouse 2 is a pure-blood.

    Spouse 1: Casper Deverill
    Spouse 2: Astoria mn Mockridge

    Boy: Emeric Amos (Ravenclaw)
    Boy: Angus Walden. (Hufflepuff)
    Girl: Beatrix Honoria (Slytherin)
    Boy: Rufus Owen (Slytherin)
    Twins: Elias Quentin & Andromeda Alice (Ravenclaw)
    Boy: Barnabus Everard (Hufflepuff)
    Girl: Rowena Perpetua (Ravenclaw)

    Owl: Solomon
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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    May 2013
    Live in: Abergavenny, Wales
    LN: Nott

    DW: Arabella Daphne nee Kneen [Ancient Runes Professor] {Gryffindor} <Pureblood>
    DH: Elias Cedric [Charms Professor] {Gryffindor} <Pureblood>

    DD: Gwendolyn Phyllida (17) {Slytherin}
    DS: Lachlan Oliver (17) {Slytherin}
    DD: Agatha Poppy (16) {Gryffindor}
    DD: Beatrix Luna (15) {Ravenclaw}
    DD: Araminta Lily (14) {Ravenclaw}
    DD: Molly Rosalind (13) {Gryffindor}
    DS: Zacharias Colin (13) {Gryffindor}
    DD: Astoria Penelope (12) {Gryffindor}
    DS: Lysander Graham (11) {Ravenclaw}

    Owl: Halcyone

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    Nov 2012
    The Viridian Family of Godric's Hollow, England

    DH: [50] Oden Phoebus Viridian → Half-blood → Hufflepuff
    DW: [48] Heloise Galatea Viridian {née Robins} → Pure-blood → Slytherin
    Occupation: Selling valuable magical artifacts on the black market.

    DS: [17] Amos Oliver Viridian → Gryffindor
    DD: [17] Helena Apolline Viridian → Gryffindor
    DD: [16] Isla Dilys Viridian → Gryffindor
    DD: [16] Maisie Belvina Viridian → Slytherin
    DS: [15] Dexter Ambrosius Viridan "Dex" → Hufflepuff
    DD: [15] Luna Beatrix Viridian → Ravenclaw
    DS: [14] Harold Alasdair Viridian "Harry" → Gryffindor
    DS: [14] Miles Anthony Viridian → Gryffindor
    DD: [13] Alice Rosalind Viridian → Ravenclaw
    DD: [13] Augustus George Viridian "Gus" → Hufflepuff
    DS: [12] Lorcan Albus Viridian → Gryffindor
    DS: [11] Archibald William Viridian "Archie" → Gryffindor
    Owl: Minerva

    Oden & Heloise with their 12 children: Amos, Helena, Isla, Dex, Harry, Miles, Alice, Gus, Lorcan, Archie, and their owl Minerva.
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    A 18 year old girl with a penchant for names (◡‿◡✿)
    Current Favorites [changes frequently]:
    ♀: Robyn, Zoe, Lux, Terra, Romy, Salem, Pearl
    ♂: Wolf, Orion, Knox, Archer, Beau, Flynn

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    Midwest, USA
    The Nott Family of Little Hangleton, England.

    DH: Henry Orion Nott (Slytherin, Pureblood)
    DW: Elena Lydia Ackerly (Hufflepuff, Halfblood)

    Occupation: Editors @ Transfiguration Today

    1. DS: Roderick Oliver Nott, Hufflepuff
    2. DD: Agatha Minerva Nott, Slytherin
    3. DD: Victoria Beatrix Nott, Gryffindor
    4. DS: Gulliver Owen Nott, Hufflepuff (twin)
    5. DD: Augusta Lucretia Nott, Ravenclaw (twin)
    6: DD: Hestia Eloise Nott, Hufflepuff
    7. DD: Astoria Pomona Nott, Hufflepuff
    8. DS: Lysander Oakden Nott, Slytherin

    Owl: Cagney

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