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    We live in Edinburgh, Scotland, and make a living as heads of the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures (Edmund) and of the Department of Magical International Cooperation (Ellie).

    DW: Eleanora Charlotte Mockridge, Slytherin, pure blood
    DH: Edmund Alexander Robins, Gryffindor, pure blood

    DD: Natalie Gwendolyn "Nat"
    DD: Emma Arabella
    DD/DD: Victoria Asha / Olive Ariana
    DD: Fleur Eleanor
    DS: Seamus Michael
    DS: Peter Lorcan
    DD: Rowena Emmeline
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    Where do you live?
    9: Cokeworth, England

    How does your family make your livelihood?
    6. Selling valuable magical artifacts on the black market.

    What houses were you in at Hogwarts?
    7. DW: Hufflepuff and DH: Slytherin.

    What are your blood statuses?
    12: Both pure-bloods.

    Next, pick a surname. Select a maiden or unmarried name in addition to a last name.
    LN: Bonham (Nee: Vance)

    Spouse 1: Alexei Jace Bonham
    Spouse 2: Jocelyn Grace Vance-Bonham

    Child 1:
    Gwendolyn Melania Bonham
    - Gryffindor

    Children 2 & 3 Twins:
    Adrian Stewart Bonham
    - Slytherin
    Gideon Josiah Bonham
    - Hufflepuff

    Child 4:
    Luna Honoria Bonham
    - Hufflepuff

    Child 5:
    Marcus Owen Bonham

    Child 6:
    Magnus Dragomir Bonham
    - Gryffindor

    Children 7 & 8 Twins:
    Agnes Rolanda Bonham
    - Gryffindor
    Morgana Astoria Bonham
    - Gryffindor

    Child 9:
    Phineas James Bonham
    - Hufflepuff

    And our Female owl, Aphrodite
    Amberly. Cambrie. Juliette. Ophelia. Madeleine. Domino. Kylie. Dove. Karolina.
    Logan. Jace. Mikael. Donovan. Niko. Samson. Braxton. Alexandre. Xavier.

    Future babies! Audrina Dove & Nikolai David!

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    My name is Daphne Miranda Hornby (born Daphne Miranda Zeller) and I am a pure-blood. My husband is Nicholas Stephen Hornby and he is a half-blood. We met when we both attended Durmstrang through an international exchange program. We live in Hogsmeade, Scotland where Nicholas plays Keeper for the Wigtown Wanderers and I commentate.
    Our children all attend Hogwarts.

    Helena Galatea Hornby is a seventh-year Gryffindor.
    Emma Leanne Hornby and Adrian Stewart Hornby are sixth-years. Emma is a Hufflepuff while Adrian is a Ravenclaw.
    Olive Luna Hornby is a fifth-year Gryffindor.
    Roxanne Hesper Hornby is a fourth-year Slytherin.
    Colin Michael Hornby is a third-year Hufflepuff.
    Peter Leonard Hornby is a second-year Hufflepuff.
    Dean Phineas Hornby is a first-year Hufflepuff.

    We have a snowy owl named Sif.

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    Location: Godric's Hollow, England
    Profession: Very Important Ministry Positions: Advisors to the Minster for Magic
    Houses: Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.
    Blood Status: Both pure-bloods
    Surname: Cresswell (maiden name: McDougal)

    DW: Violetta Lavender
    DH: Montgomery Charles

    DS: Harry Wilbert Charles (Gryffindor)
    DS: Angus Herbert Mungo (Slytherin)
    DD: Beatrix Luna Millicent (Gryffindor)
    DD: Araminta Eleanor Fleur (Hufflepuff)
    DS/DD: George Magnus Percival & Matilda Lavender Alice (Ravenclaw & Ravenclaw)
    DD: Hermione Violetta Penelope (Gryffindor)
    DD/DS: Amelia Mary Ginevra & William Gregory James (Hufflepuff & Slytherin)

    Monty & Violet Creswell
    Harry, Angus, Beatrix, Araminta, George, Tilly, Hermione, Amelia & Will

    Female owl called Hebe

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    Lives in Hogsmeade, Scotland.

    MOTHER: Ophelia Lochrin (Ogden)
    -work as Dragon Trainer, specialising in Hebridean Blacks
    FATHER: Castiel Lochrin
    -work as Dragon Trainer, specialising in Antipodean Opaleyes

    Helena "Ellie" Verity Isobel (17)

    Oliver "Ollie" Charles Harry (17)

    Arabella "Bella" Minerva Isla (15)

    Luna Ariana Millicent (14)

    Lily Eleanor Fleur (13)

    Alice Matilda Rosalie (12)

    Fabian Michael Percival (12)

    Emmeline "Emma" Ginevra Rowena (11)

    Owl: Calliope (female)
    thinking about...

    Claudia Miray - Juliet Aylin - Rosalie Ofilya - Vivienne Adalet
    Benedict Cem - Dominic Aslan - Frederick Bedir - Hector Elvan

    Annika - Arabella - Cordelia - Evangeline - Flora
    Genevieve - Milena - Ottilie - Raphaella - Severine - Verity

    Arlo - Dean - Draco - Evander - Hale - Hugo - Julian - Louis
    Lupin - Orion - Peter - Regulus - Remus - Theodore

    my full naming lists

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