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    Live in Tinworth, Cornwall, England. Remedial Apparition instructors. Went to Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Both halfbloods.

    DW: Ivanna Florence Hornby (Cresswell)
    DH: Ciaran Alistair Hornby

    B: Emeric John - slyth.
    G/G: Miriam Veronica and Minerva Dilys - slyth.
    G: Beatrix Ariana - gryff.
    B: Marcus Broderick - huff.
    G/G: Hestia Andromeda and Rosalind Alice - slyth.
    G: Cassandra Morgana - gryff.
    B: Phineas Lysander - huff.

    Clio, Great Horned Owl

    Ivanna, Ciaran, Emeric, Miriam, Minerva, Beatrix, Marcus, Hestia, Rosalind, Cassandra, and Phineas Hornby.

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    the scotland in my dreams.
    Where do you live?
    7: Hogsmeade, Moray, Scotland

    How does your family make your livelihood?
    2. Running a shop in Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade. Owns and runs Spintwitches Quidditch Shop.

    What houses were you in at Hogwarts? (You decide which house pertains to which parent.)
    8. Ravenclaw and Ravenclaw.

    What are your blood statuses?
    1: Both pure-bloods.

    Spouse 1: Elsa Jemima Wigworthy Misericordia.
    Spouse 2: Samuel "Sam" George Misericordia.
    DD1: Zamira "Ziri" Isobel Misericordia. Ravenclaw.
    DD2/DS1: Emma Arabella Misericordia. Ravenclaw.
    Crispin Elphias Misericordia. Ravenclaw.
    DS2: Janus Fulbert Misericordia. Gryffindor.
    DD3: Muriel Lucretia Misericordia. Ravenclaw.
    DS3: Glanmore "Glan" Fabian Misericordia. Hufflepuff.
    DS4: Brevis Everard Misericordia. Hufflepuff.
    DS5: Lysander "Sandy" Heathcote Misericordia. Ravenclaw.

    Female owl called Phaedra.
    "Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like."

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    Where do you live? Edinburgh, Scotland

    How does your family make your livelihood? You don't need to; your family has inherited money for generations.

    Jessamine Alexandra Maeve (Cresswell) Zeller (Ravenclaw, muggle-born)
    Gideon Rupert Zeller (Ravenclaw, pure-blood)

    Amos Lachlan (Slytherin)
    Emma Poppy (Slytherin)
    Millicent Luna (Gryffindor) & Arthur Cormack (Ravenclaw)
    Rufus Alasdair (Hufflepuff)
    Percival George (Hufflepuff)
    Lorcan Barnabas (Slytherin)
    Ginerva Emmeline (Ravenclaw) & Prudence Miranda (Ravenclaw)

    Owl: Enyo

    List your family here: Jessa & Gideon, with Amos, Emma, Millie & Art, Rufus, Percy, Lorcan, and Ginny & Pru
    Anna | Autumn | Cassia | Delphina | Emma | Fleur | Greta | Hazel | Lucia | Luna | Neela | Norah | Ramona | Reina | Sadie | Verity

    August | Austin | Bruno | Calvin | Elijah | Frederick | Gabriel | Jack | Jude | Lachlan | Lennon | Noah | Samson | Vincent | Wilfred | William

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    DH: Mateo Nathaniel Vance
    DW: Penelope Elise Vance-Kettleburn

    Where do you live?
    Mould-on-the-Wold, England

    How does your family make your livelihood?
    Both professors at Hogwarts.
    Penelope teaches flying, while Mateo teaches care of magical creatures.

    What houses were you in at Hogwarts?
    Both in Gryffindor

    What are your blood statuses?
    Penelope is muggle-born, while Mateo is a half-blood.

    DD: Aurora Natalie Vance - Hufflepuff
    DS: Josiah Crispin Vance - Hufflepuff
    DD: Luna Victoria Vance - Ravenclaw
    DS: Owen Broderick Vance - Slytherin
    DS: Augustus Colin Vance - Gryffindor
    DD: Violetta Modesty Vance - Slytherin
    DD/DD: Bellatrix Rose Vance / Rowena Prudence Vance - Hufflepuff

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    Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon, England


    Ravenclaw and Ravenclaw

    Spouse 1 is Half-Blood, Spouse 2 is Muggleborn

    Jason Parker Lochrin
    Gladys Sofia Jewkes Lochrin

    Gunhilda Verity Lochrin - Slytherin
    Gideon Kenneth Lochrin - Ravenclaw
    Gondoline Victoria Lochrin - Slytherin
    Gulliver Wulfric Lochrin - Slytherin
    Glanmore Roger Lochrin - Ravenclaw
    Greta Yvonne Lochrin - Gryffindor
    Gladys Rose Lochrin - Ravenclaw


    Jason, Gladys, Gunhilda, Gideon, Gondoline, Gulliver, Glanmore, Greta, Gladys (II)
    Adoptive Mother to Be

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