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    The pureblood Entwhistle family of Godric's Hollow, England. Both parents are Aurors.

    DW: Lucretia Juno Freya Entwhistle, nee Egg (Ravenclaw)
    DH: Fabian Romulus Septimus Entwhistle (Slytherin)

    Child 1: Roderick Cadmus Oswald (Hufflepuff)
    Child 2: Miriam Druella Wendelin (Gryffindor)
    Child 3: Brian Geoffrey Ambrosius (Slytherin)
    Child 4: Kendra Petrova Araminta (Gryffindor)
    Child 5: Molly Hestia Andromeda (Slytherin)
    Child 6: Timothy Albus Hector (Gryffindor)
    Child 7: Rose Perpetua Elladora (Ravenclaw)

    Owl: Apollo

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    Xi'An, China
    4: Abergavenny, Wales

    How does your family make your livelihood?.
    10. You don't need to; your family has inherited money for generations.

    What houses were you in at Hogwarts? (You decide which house pertains to which parent.)
    6. Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

    What are your blood statuses?
    11: Both half-bloods.

    Next, pick a surname. Select a maiden or unmarried name in addition to a last name.
    Unmarried name: Zeller
    Surname: Ogden

    DH: Rupert Alistair Ogden (Hufflepuff)
    DW: Mahasti Renata Ogden, nee Zeller (Ravenclaw)

    1- Girl- Zamira Verity Ogden- Ravenclaw
    2- Boy- Phoebus Ragmar Ogden- Ravenclaw
    3- Girl- Honoria Perenelle Ogden- Ravenclaw
    4- Boy- Broderick Humphrey Ogden- Slytherin
    5- Girl- Amata Pansy Ogden- Hufflepuff
    6- Twins- Boy- Maximus Basil Ogden (Slytherin) Girl- Astoria Modesty Ogden (Slytherin)
    7- Twins- Girl- Artemisia Bellatrix Ogden (Gryffindor) Boy- Remus Lysander Ogden (Slytherin)

    Female owl named Freya

    Rupert and Mahasti have Zamira, Phoebus, Honoria, Broderick, Amata, Maximus, Astoria, Artemisia, and Remus. Owl named Freya.
    Currently exiled from the US

    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14
    Caspian Kaveh 郑煜祺 EDD: Oct '17

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    Tremlett Family

    Tremlett Family
    Live in Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon, England.
    Makes a living selling valuable magical artifacts on the black market.

    Miranda Jo Tremlett nee Cresswell- Ravenclaw - pure blood
    Barnaby Cornelius Tremlett- Slytherin - pure blood

    Roderick Lachlan, Ravenclaw
    Adrian Kirley, Ravenclaw
    Arianna Luna, Hufflepuff
    Marietta Susan, Slytherin
    Magnus Percival, Slytherin
    Morgana Yvonne, Gryffindor
    Emmeline Rose, Ravenclaw /Remus William,Slytherin

    Male owl named Ajax.

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    The Cresswell family reside in Abergavenny, Wales. Mr. Cresswell, a muggle-born, works for Obliviator Headquarters within the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes; while Mrs. Cresswell, a pure-blood, works for Goblin Liaison Office within the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Both were in Gryffindor during their time at Hogwarts.

    DH: [45] Albert William → Gryffindor
    DW: [45] Greta Hermione → Gryffindor

    DD: [20] Verity Helena → Ravenclaw
    DS: [18] Gideon Charles → Ravenclaw
    DD/DD: [17] Daphne Victoria & Beatrix Ariana → Ravenclaw & Slytherin
    DD: [16] Eleanor Susan → Slytherin
    DS: [14] Seamus Ronald → Gryffindor
    DS: [13] Lorcan Timothy → Ravenclaw
    DS: [11] Phineas Lysander → Gryffindor

    Owl: Nephele

    Albert & Greta | Verity, Gideon, Daphne, Beatrix, Eleanor, Seamus, Lorcan, & Phineas.

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    Our family comes from Ballycastle in Northern Ireland. We breed Hungarian Hortail dragons.
    My name is Georgina Hera Robins (maiden name of Hornby) and I was in Ravenclaw at Hogwarts and my father was a wizard but my mother was a muggle.
    My husband is Nicolas Benjamin Robins, and was in Hufflepuff at hogwarts. Both of his parents are muggles.
    We have 8 children.
    The oldest is a girl named Gwendolen Helena Isobel, who is fifteen and goes by Wendy. She is currently attending Hogwarts and is in Hufflepuff like her father. She has her own owl whom she named Bran.
    Our second and third are twins, one boy and one girl, named Miriam Enid Isla and Gideon Cedric Walden. They are thirteen and both at Hogwarts where Miriam is in Gryffindor and Gideon is in Hufflepuff like his older sister Wendy.They share a owl named Shirley
    Our fourth child is Arthur Cornelius Andrew who is twelve. He is in Ravenclaw like I was. His owl is named Fionn.
    Our fifth child is eleven year old Roxanne Susan Eleanor, who goes by Annie. She is in Gryffindor like her older sister Miriam. Her owl is named Gazella
    Our sixth child is a boy named Magnus Pericval George, and is nine years old.
    Our seventh is Agnes Morgana Asortia, who is seven and goes by Nessa
    The youngest are the six year old twins Abraham Remus William who goes by Bram, and Amelia Prudence Rose who goes by Lia.
    We have a family owl who is shared by me, and Nicolas as well as the kids to young to attend Hogwarts (Magnus, Nessa, Bram and Lia) named Spencer.
    Current Favorites:
    Helena, Abigail, Ginny, Edith, Lydia, Rebecca, Miriam
    Briar, Tobiah, Daniel, Callum, Reed, Robert, Abel, Raphael, Nolan

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