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    Your style seems to be very different from mine based on your first name choices. I do kind of like Noa on a girl, but there are so many boys named Noah out there. If you go for Emerson, that spelling is definitely the best one. I'm not a fan at all of "modified" spellings and ys where there weren't any ys originally. Hudson would be my least favorite out of all of the ones you listed.

    Some other ideas:

    Blythe Audrey
    Hazel Audrey
    Claire Audrey
    Laurel Audrey
    Wren Audrey
    Lark Audrey
    Mavis Audrey
    Blair Audrey
    Iris Audrey
    Jocelyn Audrey
    Sorrel Audrey
    Piper Audrey
    Hope Audrey
    Helen Audrey
    Maris Audrey
    Paige Audrey
    Bryn Audrey

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    thanks for the suggestions!! Your right I do tend to like unisex names, but Quinn and Paisley have bee on my list too. I think they are adorable!

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    Alexis Audrey
    Cameron Audrey
    Flynn Audrey**
    Kendall Audrey
    Lane Audrey*
    Reagan Audrey
    Sage Audrey*
    Sawyer Audrey
    Spencer Audrey

    Or maybe these...

    Arden Audrey**
    Chaplin Audrey*
    Ellington Audrey
    Gable Audrey
    Harlow Audrey
    Temple Audrey*
    West Audrey

    Or an occupation name:

    Abbott Audrey*
    Harper Audrey
    Page Audrey
    Padgett Audrey*
    Piper Audrey**

    I really feel if you're going to choose a unisex name, then you should just really go for it. Why not? Why settle?

    Off your list, Emerson Audrey is my favorite, but it feels a little overdone. I think, as I said above, you should just go all in and pick something bold. I marked my favorites.

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