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    Help with a girl name (middle name has to be Audrey) that is not to common.

    We have a very common last name, and so I am trying to find a girl name that is not too common. I need help! Any suggestions?? Here are a few that I have:

    Noa Grace Audrey H.
    Emerson Audrey or Emersyn
    Hudson Audrey

    What do you think? I would love any ideas. Thank you!!
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    Welcome to Nameberry!

    I personally like Noa on a girl, but because of the sheer numbers of boy Noahs born each year, I wouldn't go with it. Same with Hudson. Grace is the new Marie of middle names and is often used as a filler name, so I wouldn't double barrel or add it as a middle.

    Emerson Audrey is both tomboyish and modern. Although Emerson is personally not my style, I do see the appeal of the name. I would stick with the original spelling, as Emersyn simply looks tacky to me.

    Here are some unisex/not frilly names:

    Alice Audrey
    Indigo Audrey
    Sage Audrey
    Skye Audrey
    Genevieve Audrey
    Corin Audrey
    Seren Audrey
    Soren Audrey
    Maeve Audrey
    Sloane Audrey
    Rowan Audrey
    Caroline Audrey
    Phoebe Audrey
    Lucille Audrey
    Maren Audrey
    Marion Audrey
    Marlow Audrey
    Margo Audrey
    Trace Audrey
    Reid Audrey
    Quinlan Audrey
    Everett Audrey
    Max Audrey
    Marius Audrey
    Esther Audrey
    Lauris/Laurence Audrey
    Augustine Audrey
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    I would just use Audrey as the first name. I really don't care for your other choices. How about:

    Tess Audrey
    Ellis Audrey
    Carys Audrey
    Scarlett Audrey

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    Seems like you like unisex names. I like Noa Audrey best. Others you may like are

    Leighton Audrey
    Paisley Audrey
    Keegan Audrey
    Caedan Audrey
    Lachlan Audrey
    Kellan Audrey
    Collin Audrey
    Quinn Audrey
    Rowan Audrey
    Torrance Audrey
    Greer Audrey
    Keaton Audrey

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