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    DH and I were young for our demographic (married at 22, I had finished my BA and he was doing the 5 year plan for his undergrad, we had planned on waiting to ttc but life had a way of happening with our oldest ) however, things worked out. We have had difficulties of course, married for almost 12 years (financial, him doing his masters when the older 2 were wee and I was pregnant as well at times, he is also currently doing another his MBA right now) but we are in a good place financially now thank goodness and I do feel as if I have "my whole life" ahead of me. Granted, its with 5 kids (so, going back to school etc will need to work around them) but I have no doubt I am where I am supposed to be and same goes for DH. Everyone has their own path. Women's liberation did not come about so we could *all* work full time or *all* not, it came about so we have the *choice* to be what we want to be at any age. At 34 (I will be 35 in January) I have accomplished the maternal part of my life that I set out to do, and now onto raising my beautiful kids with my husband who I am still crazy about, continuing to foster my own self, and grow into the rest of my life. Hope this makes sense. It is odd to be college educated and have an almost 11 year old and be married to his father (again, the demographics are unusual for where I live to be these things, nothing better or worse about it, just not "usual") , but, I am happy he is here, happy *all* my kiddos are here and happy to have the choice to be what I want to be and live life how I do.
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