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    One Bedroom With Baby?

    So, we are due with our first in march and are SO excited. Right now we live in a one bedroom, that we were planning on moving out of even before we knew about the pregnancy. The issue is that we live right outside a big city, and the cost of living is VERY high. So what we can afford for a two bedroom, we have been less than thrilled with. Icky neighborhoods, bad neighbors, old... Just not a place I want a baby in! Today we looked at a really nice place. Good neighborhood, nice community, close to parks and open space, wooded, and quiet. But it was only a one bedroom. So I'm curious- does anyone have experience sharing a one bedroom with baby? We aren't planning on living here a long time. It would probably be a year, two at most. It sort of makes me sad, forfeiting the idea of a typical 'nursery'... But I feel is rather share a nice new space than have a nursery and bigger apartment in an icky place! Just wondering how people have handled the small spaces, organized their room, etc. thanks!!

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    We only have a 2 bedroom, but to afford it, we have a room mate so we really just have the one bedroom for baby and us. It's a big enough room that she gets her own little corner. The room sort of dips out so there's a little cuby were half the wall is the closet and the other is like it's own little hidey spot. That's where the crib is, sort of seperated from the rest of the room. Her dressers over there and the rocker is over there. All her stuff is over there. Our stuff takes up the rest of the space. I really love her being right there on the other side of the room. It makes me feel like it's okay to sleep deeply because she's close and I can hear her cry or if anything is wrong. It makes me feel that she's safe. If someone were to break in, she'd be in the room with me already. I could lock the bedroom door and take her out the window with her stuff.

    We make it work really well. When she gets older, by the time she's a year, we hope to have a bigger place. But it works for us.

    We also have some friends who live in a teeny little one bedroom apartment. It's basically a bedroom and bathroom with a very small living room/kitchen. They put the bassinet in the corner of the living room and Jackson sleeps there. When he's a bit older, he will sleep in the crib in the corner of the bedroom. He's not in the way when we're all crammed in there. We'll be gaming and he'll fuss and she can just reach over and pat him. It works well for them. ^_^

    I'd be with you. I'd rather have a one bedroom in a nice neighborhood than a bigger place in a terrible, unsafe place.

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    I couldn't imagine living in a 1 bedroom with our baby at this age (15 months). Our daughter is really REALLY loud so I like that she has her own space where if she's overtired and just needs to 'cry it out' to get to sleep, we can close her door & let her do that. That said, she slept in our room until around 8 months, and I can see the appeal of having baby within arm's reach. I think you could feasibly keep your baby in your room with you for up to a year, but myself, I wouldn't be able to do it much longer than that unless you could set something up for the baby in a big walk-in closet or something.

    I do think its important to have a secure home. We lived on a super sketchy street (it was ACTUALLY the worst neighborhood in Canada) and when I was pregnant I was really paranoid about breakins & druggies and all the seedy activity in our area. We bought a place & moved when I was 7 months pregnant and I immediately felt like I could breathe easier.
    I would definitely consider getting an "older" place though, as opposed to a new one. They usually are a little roomier & you can get much more for your money. And, you won't be as upset with the damage little ones can do to the house.
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    Many apartment complexes won't let more than 2 people live in a 1-bedroom apartment. Children under 1 are not included but once they're one, they're supposed to be considered a tenant (or something similar) and then you'll more than likely be required to have a 2-bedroom apartment. That's how it is here, at least. I can't speak for other states/countries.

    Depending on the layout of the apartment, I'd consider making a dining room or something into a bedroom for baby.
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    We used to live in LA and had lots of friends with babies in one-bedrooms or even studios. There are loads of ideas for very small space nurseries on apartment therapy. You can definitely still do something adorable and just for the baby, even in very little space.

    Many people (us included) keep the baby in the room with the parents for at least the first six month anyhow- you just need a little bassinet, even the bassinet that comes on top of a pack'n play. If you prefer the baby in his own room, most people we knew gave the baby the bedroom and then set up a sleeping area for the parents in the main living area. That way you can be up and have friends over later than the baby's bedtime. You could even curtain off your bed so that you can hide it during the day, or make a divider out of a tall bookcase or something.

    I would definitely go for less space in a nicer area. When babies are small, they just want to be right next to you all of the time anyhow, whether you have 4000 square feet or 400. It is nice to have a room for naps, etc, though.

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