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Thread: Young Moms

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    I had my son at 26. For me, it was the perfect age. For another woman, it could be too late or too early. We've got walk our own path. That's the beautiful thing about individuality and diversity. We provide a great balance for one another and show our own children that you don't have to do things a certain way to necessarily be right.

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    Although I did not purposely get pregnant at the age of 22, I would never trade my family for the world! I got pregnant with my little boy when I was 22, and then my two girls again at 24 and 25! Now at 27 I am pregnant AGAIN with twin boys! All the stereotypes of "young moms" are completely ridiculous, although it took me an extra year to complete school, I am now a pre-k teacher and married to the love of my life who is a police officer. Our finances are in order and we don't have any more issues than families whose parents waited to start their families later in life. Yes, we got a lot of sh** from people who were not our family or close friends, but no matter what you do, people will always find something to criticize you. Neither my husband and I ever miss going out every weekend with our friends (we had the majority of our college years for that )

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    My husband is a couple years older than I am. We started dating when I was 20. We got married when I was 22 & had Azula when I was 24. Now I'm 26. I had done some traveling and things before we got married & we are financially stable & secure in our relationship so I don't think it is too soon for us to have children. I plan to stay home with my kids as much as possible & probably start working f/t again when my kids are in elementary school.
    It was sooner than I was planning on. I had planned to wait longer simply because a person's brain continues to develop until age 25, and I know there can be big changes in worldview & hopes & dreams & even personality when a person is in their late teens and early twenties.
    That said, I don't regret our decisions to get married or to conceive when we did. It felt right at the time, and we are happy with where we are now.
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    I love that life just happened for me. I always felt so lost until I had my daughter right after my 22nd birthday. Sure I orginally thought id be more secure with my own house & financial stability & most definitely a father figure but I honestly couldnt be happier. She gives me something to look forward to everyday for the rest of my life.

    I could never decide on a major in college so I dropped out & got a supervisor job which I quit during pregnancy to be a sahm while movinf in with grandma & have no regrets. If I decide to go back to school when she starts hers I wont feel so old either.

    My only fear is the thought of getting lonely, the idea of dating with a child is so terrifying to me I dont even want to do it. Makes me feel like when the time comes to ttc #2 alone by choice. But that's my only future worry.

    Like someone else said, I also had a adventurous young life & I dont feel like im missing out. I always planned to have my first by 24 & im so happy that I did. The idea of taking her to parks is much better to me than a night im the bar. & as far as traveling goes I feel like ill do more with her so she can see the world.

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