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    WDYT of first boy and vote on 2nd

    For my first son I've been planning in Kn0x Wilder
    I kind of feel like its a little boring? But it might just be because I'm used to it?
    WDYT of it?
    Also want help on a vote for a possible brother. MN for all 3 combos would probably be Allen after my dad.
    Couldn't get poll to add so just comment
    1. Ford
    2. Penn
    3. Atlas
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    I don't think Kn0x Wilder is boring at all. A bit trendy maybe, but I like it.

    I love Atlas but not with Allen. I don't particularly care for Penn (only associations are Penn & Teller and a pen you write with), nor do I think it sounds particularly good with Allen. Which leaves Ford.... I think Ford Allen sounds best and Knox & Ford work well as brothers.

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    I don't see how Knox Wilder is boring. John Michael is boring to me (nothing wrong with the name, just 'meh'). The names you've posted aren't in that vein.
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