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    Emilia: Would it always be misspelled?

    We LOVE Emily, but I worry it's too common. We really like the nickname "Em" so are now considering Emilia.

    Will it always be misspelled though? Will people assume it's Amelia? Or Emelia?

    She typically would just be referred to as Em, but if you heard "Emilia," how would you assume it was spelled?

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    I think Emilia is really lovely! Its not mainstream, but I don't think its unheard of. If I heard Emilia, I think I'd get it right. Though I also think Emilia and Amelia are pronounced slightly different. "eh" or "ah" difference <3

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    I prefer Emilia to Amelia. I just like the look of it better, plus Emmy is an adorable nickname! The names are generally pronounced similarly, but with a slight difference in the beginning sound like the previous commented pointed out. I think it's common enough that people would get it right, and if not I still don't imagine it would be a big deal for your daughter. I have also known a little girl who spelled her name like this but pronounced it sort of like a smoosh of Emma+Leah or Emily-ah. I thought it was pretty sounding.

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    I've heard Emilia pronounced like Emma-leah or like Amelia with an E. It's a beautiful name with a long history, and the girls I've known haven't seemed to have many more problems than anyone else. It's a real sweet spot name for me--I know a few all over the country of a variety of ages, but not too many. Gorgeous choice.

    Reminds me of a story my Italian teacher once told me. He got tired of spelling Giovanni for everyone, so he started going by John. And then everyone asked if it was John or Jon. So you really can't win. May as well pick one you love.

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    I love Emilia! I always spell it like this when I have the choice. I think Emelia is nice, too, but Emilia always had my vote.
    She'll definitely get it spelled wrong, but I've come to the realization, everyone will have their name misspelled and misheard at some point. My name is Lucy and I've gotten called Lindsay and Lizzie on more than one occasion. It happens.
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