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    How do you pronounce Dorothea? I met someone who pronounced it the same as the two syllable Dorothy, is that right? I have been looking for ways to honor my grandmother Doris but havnt had much luck. Last name H0stetl3r. Possibilities:

    Dorothea nn Thea
    Dorothy nn Thea

    Other option that hasn't won my husband over
    Isadora nn Izzy
    Tessa coming 2.2017 💗

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    Dorothy is 3 syllables? Or maybe I say it different: door-uh-thee I'd say Dorothea the same door-uh-thee. But Thea is still an adorable nick name option for it! I love Thea, though on my list I've got Theodora <3 I think Dorothea would be a fabulous way to honor a Doris! <3 Isadora is lovely as well, but if he doesn't like the name its not the one <3

    Good luck! Do you need middle name options?

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    I've only ever heard it as dor-uh-fee-uh. And how are you pronouncing Dorothy with 2 syllables?! I'm struggling to not pronounce it with 3 syllables. Door-uh-fee, like PP. And now I've said it so many times, it's lost meaning

    I like Dorothy best, though Isadora is a cool way to honour a Doris. How about Dora, Theodora, Dorina? Or anything with 'ris' in it- Marissa, Paris, Iris, Clarissa, Loris?

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    Dorothy is currently my favorite name. I just cant help but love it, with Dottie as the nickname. I have always pronounced it Dor-o-thy, but the middle syllable is way less emphasized than any of the others. Dorothea, however, I have always heard pronounced Dor-thee-uh. I happen to think that Dorothy is much prettier, because even though both names have an older generation sound to them, I think Dorothy fits in better with the old names that are making a comeback. Long story short, Dorothy sounds old but cute, Dorothea sounds just old.

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    Dorothy-- Door a thee.
    Dorothea-- Door a thay a.

    I love the nickname Thea. I like Theodora even better, but it's a good name.

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