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    I think it's cute, but she no doubt will hear about Moaning Myrtle and be called "Myrtle the turtle". The right kind of kid won't let this bother her, but you never know what kind of kid you'll get!

    I had a great aunt Myrtle Louise, who as a girl went by Myrtie-Lou. (Rhymes with Birdie.) I think this is so cute. Maybe that's the key with it, a nickname (in case she wants to avoid being called Turtle.) I don't know if Myra is a natural nn, but if you like it, go for it!

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    Myrtle: the beach, the turtle, and the witch.

    I can understand the bad-connotation to Myrtle in a child's early life.... the character in Harry Potter (which of course is children's/young adult's literature) was quite unlikable, nerdy, misunderstood. And as a child, having a name that rhymes so directly with turtle may be an ultimate crutch-- kids aren't always so kind. But as Myrtle grows up, the novelty of her name may become more comforting, as I'm sure she'd be the only Myrtle in her class, perhaps the only Myrtle she knows! There's a sense of independence and pride in that.

    Plus, aside from Harry Potter, Myrtle immediately reminded me of the lovely Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Though I've never visited myself, I hear it's mighty peaceful. Something to consider.

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    I never read/saw HP, so I think it's a lovely nature-name. I have only known one Myrtle and she was the sweetest lady. Older, yes? But I don't think that makes a name unusable at all. If anything, it's refreshing compared to all the trendy names.
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    If names like Edith, Mabel, Ada etc are cool again, why not Myrtle? She's old-fashioned, and she's a nature name. I've never met anyone named Myrtle, other than a great Aunt of mine (she did not like her name, and instead, opted to be called Boots!). But I can easily picture it on a modern baby girl.

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    I have to agree with the other posters. While I initially like the sound of "Myrtle", I start to get associations of Harry Potter and old women. It'll get there, but the world just doesn't seem ready for it yet.

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