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    Raina Jade
    Amy Jade
    Evelyn Jade (might be too popular, but if he likes the -lyn in Carolyn and you like Evie?)
    Cara Jade
    Tessa Jade

    Gemma Rye
    Jocelyn Rye
    Willa Rye
    Molly Rye
    Coralie Rye

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    As soon as I read the thread title, I immediately thought of Imogen. I honestly didn't even know it was an old name until recently.

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    Hi I just wanted to say I'm from Ireland and Saoirse is pronounced Seer sha!

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    I was think Clementina Jade that way you can call her Emma as a nickname therefore Dh gets his name and you get a close variation of yours.
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    Thanks so much berries for all these opinions!!

    He wasn't in a big "naming" mood, so I only asked about a couple names last night: he said no to Arielle I guess he knows an Arielle that wasn't pleasant, so can't blame him on that one. A big no to Gemma! I do really like Emmeline, but my OH is entirely opposed to it. I guess the -line ending isn't okay for him. So no Madeline, Caroline, etc </3 However, he DOES like -lyn it seems! I could ask Emmalyn, though I don't love it. But it is something I could kinda see myself using. Cadence got a yes! But he didn't love it. And I'm 50/50. I like it but not sure. But honestly glad I have a name on the list! He likes Fiona and Phoebe, but thinks the "fee" sound is too childish for an adult. So it was a no for IRL. He also said yes to Eva or Eve! No Evelyn, but Eva or Eve are added.

    Imogen's a neat one, I'm always confused on pronunciation though is it EE-mo-jean, im-oh-gin (im rhyming with him and gin like the alcohol), or is it a mix of the two?

    Emilia and Eliana are both options I think I'll ask him on. I've still not asked him about Eleanor, Lydia, Maya, Emerson, Eva, or Sylvia. And I also think I'll ask him about Violet as a first name as we've tossed it around in the middle but not really thought about it as a first names. I'm liking Violet Carolyn! Maybe Violet Emmelyn if he likes that! Hmm. I think I'll find a first name for Josie too as its cute but I dislike it alone. Jocelyn "Josie"?

    Bare minimums: we both have Cadence, Eva and Eve on our list. Progress!! Thank you all so much!! I'll update when I can ask him about the above
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