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    Unhappy In the middle of old fashioned and modern?

    I'm really getting stressed over choosing a girls name with my OH We don't have much common ground and the few names we have in common I really just don't love. I can't see my child bearing any of the names. I don't feel any enthusiasm about sharing name options with friends or family. Common story I know, "me and hubby can't agree on anything!" sort of deal. My gender reveal appt is next week so maybe I should be more patient.. and maybe I wont have to worry about girls names at all. But I'd really just like to have options <3

    To get a feel for our different tastes...

    If I were to name the baby myself, I'd use either: Mabel nn "Maisie", Clementine "Little Lem" or "Emmy", Saoirse (SARE-sha, its Irish <3), Linnea, Juliet, or Evie. And I imagine I'd use the middle name Caroline or Rye.

    If HE were to name the baby himself, he'd probably use: Emma / Emily, Riley, Harley, Whitney, Aria, Nicole, or Haven. He'd use middle name Jade after his grandmother.

    Now I'm great with using the middle name Jade, I don't love it but I adore his grandmother and I'd love to honor her. Its not a must for him, but its honestly something I'm interested in as well. We also agree on potentially using the middle name Rye to honor our good friend. He doesn't like my list because it feels very old fashioned. I dislike his list because it feels far to modern and trendy. We do have some compromise, he said he'd use Carolyn instead of Caroline (which to me I dislike how dated it feels, but its an option). Here's another curveball, baby's surname will be Ejdowski (eh-DOW-skee). Its really hard finding names that don't clash in one way or another!

    Can you berries think up a middle ground? Something that feels almost familiar, but isn't at the top of the popularity charts? It would be SO greatly appreciated!!

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    Oh, I'd put Juliet with Jade. Juliet Jade Ejdowski sounds lovely. Or Emersyn Rye. - you get the "Emmy" and he gets the "emily" sound, sort of..

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    My OH doesn't like Juliet He said he'd compromise with it as a middle name, but he pretty much dislikes ALL the options I posted that I like <3

    I really like Emerson Rye though!! I'll bring it up to him tonight.. its really cute and we both get "Emmy" He does like Emmy a lot, whether it be Emma or Emily <3

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    Hmm, luckily for both of you, vintage names are rising up the charts, so things that will feel modern or current to him have a decent shot of also being a bit old-fashioned. My first thought was Violet, but Violet Jade is a bit colorful, isn't it... Maybe Violet Rye? Also what about:

    Eva Jade (you get Evie, he gets a little dollop of Ava; I like the alliteration)
    Eleanor/Elinor Jade (old-fashioned, but Ellie vibes like Emma or Emily; ditto about alliteration)
    Emmeline Jade (he gets Emma, you get something old-fashioned with Emmy; ditto with alliteration)
    Natalia Jade or Nicola Jade (softens the more "modern" Natalie and Nicole; could have Talia or vintage Nola as nicknames)
    Theresa Jade (nicknames could go more modern like Reese, or more vintage like Tess)
    Willow Jade
    Ariel/Arielle Jade (beautiful with your LN; has the soft gracefulness of Juliet [esp. Arielle] but sounds of Aria)
    Ivy Jade
    Miranda Jade (Shakespearean with pretty old-fashioned Mira or Annie, but has had a more modern life)
    Adeline Jade or Adelyn Jade
    Lucy Jade or Lucia Jade (Lucy is bright and spunky, but with heaps of vintage cred)
    Zara Jade (modern Z meets old-fashioned name)
    Juno Jade

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    Boy this sounds familiar-my husband and I went through the exact same thing. I like classic names, he liked more modern/trendy ones. We finally settled on Julia which is classic and familiar, not at the top of the charts but modern enough to suit him. Here are some suggestions that I feel might fall into that category and that go with Jade.


    Good luck!!

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