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    Whitney and Nicole are not modern at all imo -they're 1980s. I like your list way better than his! Let's see if we can "modernize" it or make it a little more mainstream:
    Mabel: I agree, this does sound very vintage and old-fashioned (not a bad thing). How about: Amabel or Anabel or Annabelle
    Clementine: as pps mentioned, Emmeline or Emerson would still give you "Emmy", but I'm not a fan of giving a daughter a name ending in "-son", so I prefer Emmeline.
    Saoirse: This name will cause pronunciation and spelling issues for the child all her life unless you live in Ireland. how about: Sadie, Sarah, Zara
    Linnea: hmmm not sure about this one... it gives me a nature vibe, so maybe Violet, Rose, Lark, Wren, Phoebe (another type of bird)
    Juliet: Juliana, Julia, Chloe (Chloe means "green shoot" and Juliet means "youthful" so they go together in my brain )
    Evie: Eva seems to be rising in the charts, following Ava's heels. nn Evie from Eva is quite natural. other options: Evangeline
    Caroline: Coraline, Cora, Corinne,

    Possible combos:
    Sadie Jade
    Eva Jade
    Cora Jade
    Emmeline Rye
    Coraline Rye
    Annabelle Jade
    Annabelle Rye

    I hope that helps!
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    Thanks ellenelle! Violet Jade would be a tad colorful hehe. I like the idea of Violet Rye, but kinda rhymes a bit <3
    Eva Jade would work nicely, its definitely a good option where I could get my Evie and just maybe it'll feel Ava-ish to him - which he actually has mentioned liking Ava. Eleanor Jade is also lovely! And actually, he mentioned liking Ellie! But he didn't like my suggestion of Eloise nick name Ellie. Maybe Eleanor <3 I have asked about Emmeline, but it was a definite no. I guess he doesn't like -line endings for any name I kind of like Willow Jade, but not sure if it feels to trendy. I love nature names though, its definitely an option for me! Mike might like Arielle, I should ask! I like Ari as a nick name or even Elle/ Ellie, soft and sweet. And it does have a similar feel as Juliet and Aria, maybe it'll get a yes! I like Lucy but my aunt used it on her dog that I see very often, so doesn't feel like an option anymore. And I like Juno! Or June, or Juniper.. but the last two got veto'd <3

    and thanks jennwarwick! I wonder if he'd like Julia instead of Juliet. He didn't like the Romeo and Juliet association and felt like it was teasing potential Fiona is beautiful! Caroline is a top contender for me but a no for him, though he'd use Carolyn. Isabelle is way too popular, or Isabella is and they're so close. And Maya is beautiful though also popular <3

    So far, I'm digging Eleanor and Arielle, thanks so much!! Its nice having some suggestions to bother him with when he gets home Fingers crossed!

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    Opps, didn't see your post while I was replying lilysong! Sorry!

    I entirely agree, Whitney and Nicole are names of people my age, not fresh for our soon to be. Tehehe why thanks! I like my list better too

    I'm definitely thinking of asking Emerson of him, I'm not huge on unisex and all but its an odd one out that I can really see myself maybe using. I'm not sure if he'd like Annabel or Amabel, but never hurts to ask <3 He said no to Emmeline already, I tried that one hehe. I like Violet and Phoebe very much and have asked him on them. He likes Phoebe a lot but wont use it in real life. Violet's a middle name option <3 Evangelines a little too long to go with surname Ejdowski <3 But Eva's definitely a thought I'll ask him on!

    Thanks very much! You helped a lot!

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    Well Saoirse isn't old fashioned. Think of the young actress Saoirse Ronan. Though she pronounces it "Seer-sha". Plus, a lot more old fashioned names are coming back into fashion now anyway.

    Other suggestions....

    -Celia (another Shakespearean name)
    -Margaret (Maggie would be a cute nickname option)
    -Audrey (I dont know if a #41 ranking is too popular for you or not)

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    mrs_anton_yelchin1990, thanks!

    I am a fan of Saoirse Ronan, though its not where I got the name from. I've loved Saoirse since I was 16 <3 I've seen SEER-sha places, but I also read an article that says she pronounces it sir-sha rhyming with inertia. I've seen it all three ways, so I'm not sure which is "right". Or if there is a right! lol

    My OH does like Laura and he likes Aubrey (though not Audrey). I'm trying to avoid the top 100, so I don't think I'd use it. But it is nice. We know a Celina who's called Celie, so a little too close for Celia.. but I wonder if he'd like Sylvia? I like Sylvia a lot! He already said no to Margaret, very much distain to it unfortunately </3

    Thanks for your reply! I can try on Sylvia, but I have a feeling he'll call it too old lady

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