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    NB on iPhone--ugh, I've had it!

    I am rarely at a desktop computer, so the only Nameberry I'm familiar with is the mobile version, and ever since the new format came out I am at my wit's end. I was willing to give a few days (or weeks) to get bugs worked out, but this is ridiculous!

    * Can only get search results for 1 page (mainly with advanced search). When you try to go to the next page, the "jump to page _" box pops up and when I type in a page number, the page shuts down.

    * The main page never finishes loading, so when I try to scroll down it keeps pulling me back to the top and I can't click on anything I want to see-- it's like a game to try to click really fast while scrolling down before it scrolls me back to the top, and I always lose and end up clicking on the wrong thing as the page has moved up!

    * Lately the ubiquitous Country Crock ads (I now think of it as the dreaded casserole!) have also started to freeze the page and I have to close it out and start over. I only get that one full-screen pop-up ad when I am using NB, but I get it over and over, hundreds of times... And I use Country Crock, so leave me alone already, ok!

    * Most websites have an option to switch to the non-mobile site, which is often much better than the mobile site. If Nameberry just had that option, I would switch and be done with it-- why doesn't Nameberry have that?

    I am 6 weeks from delivery and still undecided on a name so I need to do some research here! But even though I think NB is the best baby name site, I am ready to give up and sign-off permanently

    One other complaint that isn't just related to the iPhone, although it is the reason that I rely on the advanced search so much: I wish there were an easy way to search for a name in the forums that AVOIDS the Baby Name Games forum. Those Baby Name Games are just endless lists of names and they clutter up every single search, without giving you anything interesting to read! If you are wanting to get actual opinions and feedback about a name previously discussed on the forums, you have to wade through so much (and since it won't let me search past the 1st page usually I get nothing!) The advanced search, selecting the forums you want, is the only way to avoid it but it is a complicated way to go about it, and like I said, doesn't work on the mobile site.

    Thanks for listening to me rant-- hopefully the developers of the site are aware of these problems and will offer some solutions.

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    Oh- I just realized, it's not only the advanced search where you can't get past page 1 of your search results, it's ANY search of the forums! I can't believe that problem hasn't been worked out yet! Please just tell me some way to switch to the desktop version from my phone--it's so frustrating not being able to get to what you want to read, and not being able to find a workaround either!

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    You're ahead of me...I haven't even been able to figure out how to GET to the forums through the Nameberry homepage when on my iPhone. If I want to browse the forums, I go to my email and go through one of the names I'm following.

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    Yeah, I still have heaps of trouble on my phone! Mostly the site shutting down. It's extremely temperamental.
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