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    I think of the golf clubs and balls too, and I don't know very much about golf either. I don't want to offend you, but it gives the name a social climber aspect, IMO.

    However - if you think your friends, family, and people in your area/anywhere you might move to aren't familiar with golf or the brand, then I think it would work. Before using it, maybe you want to test it out on trustworthy friends or family?
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    I adore Calla! Callaway, not so much. I would just use Calla.

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    Ooooo...I love it! Callaway, to me, needs a sunny and upbeat middle name. Suggestions:

    Callaway Felice
    Callaway Iris

    I particularly like it with middle names that repeat the long A sound:
    Callaway Casey
    Callaway Laine
    Callaway Kate
    Callaway Avery
    Callaway Ainsley
    Callaway Delaney
    Callaway Rain
    Callaway Adelaide

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    I much prefer Isla or Carys or Calla on its own. Callaway is just very much not my style. I've never heard of the golf clubs before reading this post, but, knowing about them now, I think being named after a flower with Calla would be a much nicer option.

    I like Isla Carys as a combo, if you might be open to that.

    Some more ideas:

    Calla Frances
    Calla Genevieve
    Calla Margaret

    Callaway Susannah
    Callaway Maris
    Callaway Tessa

    Carys Matilda
    Carys Laurel
    Carys Juliet

    Isla Verity
    Isla Gabrielle
    Isla Daphne

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    Great suggestions! I know the name can be affiliated with golf clubs though I think a girl can mke it her own. I love the options on middle names,I guess if she is a she we will have to decide then. Thanks for the feedback on callaway shae,It didn't occur to me it rhymed but loved Calloway carys

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