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    I think Carys, Shea and Isla are so strong, beautiful and full of character. I'm afraid I'm not a fan of Callaway. I just don't think I would want that name myself, or look at it on my degree posted on the wall, you know? I like Calla and Callie though, so I'm confused about your motivation for Callaway since your other options are strong, feminine names. It seems like Callaway is the odd one out. If it has significance in terms of being your mom's maiden name or a family name, then perhaps that would sway me.

    Take care and good luck!

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    Just a thought here, but if I'm honest, Callaway immediately brings to mind the golf club brand. I'm not athletically inclined, so there's no bias here.. If you start typing Callaway into yahoo search, the first suggesting is Callaway golf..

    I love Calla or Callie. Perhaps go with Calla - it might be nicer for your little girl to be named after a very beautiful flower instead of Phil Mickleson's favorite driver. You could still call her Callie.

    Calla Desiree has a similar sound and I think is very unique.

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    I like Callaway and the nn cala reminds me of lilies which is def more feminine. The first thing I thought was Callaway Shea when i read your list. I also like Callaway Rhea, though.

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    Callaway is not my cup of tea, although I think Calla is beautiful.

    Would Caraway be a possibility? Because of the seeds picks up on the current herby nature trend (like Juniper, Sage, Olive). Could be Carrie for short...

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    I love Callaway for a girl. I have always loved the nickname Callie but hated all of the options for longer names (Calliope, Callista, etc). Callaway is a awesomely different. I actually really like Callaway Carys (alliteration gets me) and Callaway Shea (I usually don't like rhyming names, but this is really fun to say).
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