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    Quote Originally Posted by essjay View Post
    I would use it. It's a middle name, it's got meaning, if anyone questions you about it you have a story to tell them why you picked it. ____ William North ___n is very handsome as a combination, and I think it has much better flow than ___ William Norman ____n.
    This, exactly.
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    Think of it this way... if anyone ever DID think you somehow got North from the celeb baby name and they bring it up... it's a chance for you to share the interesting way you came up with North for your little guy's middle name. In the real world, people RARELY ask me why I named my girls their names or the meaning behind their first or middle names, so it would be kinda interesting to me to be able to share a story with the (and I have no real stories like you seem to have here! We mostly just picked names we liked and agreed on for first names -- middles were chosen solely by me (DH gave me free reign on those!) and they are all flower names that have some subtle meanings/ties to family members).
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    I have North for a girl [before North West was born] and I'd still use it. I had North at one time as a NN for Norman. I'd use it.
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