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    1. TessLove, love, love!
    2.. Molly (Love) – short, spunky and cute
    3. Matilda (Like)
    4. Eloise (like)
    5. Ruby (neutral)
    6. Eliza (neutral)
    7. Elena (neutral)
    8. Scarlett (dislike)
    9. Penelope (hate) – “Lope” is such an ugly sound combination to me
    10. Dahlia (hate)
    11. Felicity (hate) – More ugly sounds, imo

    1. Simon (LOVE!)
    2. Mason (Love) – despite the popularity
    3. Holden (Love)
    4. Ezra (Like)
    5. Shea (Like) – Seamus nn Shea would be number 1. LOVE Seamus!
    6. Rafferty (Neutral)
    7. Archer (Neutral) – Archer is a bit too “running through the forest shooting wildlife” for me, Asher is a lot lot better
    8. Henry (Dislike) – Henry is such a nerd name to me (not that there’s anything wrong with being a nerd, but the SUPER stereotypical image of a “nerd” comes to mind instantly)
    9. Bailey (Dislike) – First image is a little girl, second is a dog
    10. Oscar (Hate)

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    Elena - I like it and prefer it to Eloise/Eloisa
    Dahlia - gorgeous especialyl with the British pronunciation of day-lee-uh
    Scarlett - this is one of those popular names I dislike
    Penelope - I like it
    Tess - LOVE
    Felicity - stunning and I love the nns Flick and Fliss
    Eliza - gorgeous, LOVE it
    Ruby - another popular name I dislike
    Molly - as above
    Matilda - gorgeous


    Holden - not to my tastes but I don't dislike it
    Rafferty - love, love, love
    Oscar - like this
    Mason - far too trendy for me
    Archer - LOVE it
    Ezra - LOVE it
    Henry - nice enough but not for me
    Simon - a classic that you don't hear enough these days, very nice
    Bailey - very nice
    Shea - it's ok
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    Elena - Beautiful! I definitely prefer it to Eloise/Eloisa
    Dahlia - Beautiful!
    Scarlett - Okay
    Penelope - I used to hate this name, but it's growing on me.
    Tess - Dislike, seems too much like a nickname for my taste
    Felicity - Beautiful!
    Eliza - Okay
    Ruby - Okay
    Molly - Cute
    Matilda - Cute

    Holden - Handsome!
    Rafferty - Dislike, seems too much like a last name for my taste
    Oscar - Cute
    Mason - Cute
    Archer - Okay
    Ezra - Cute
    Henry - Handsome!
    Simon - Handsome!
    Bailey - Okay
    Shea - Okay

    So my favorites are Elena, Dahlia, Felicity, Holden, Henry, & Simon.
    Current favorites:



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    Elena (considering changing this to Eloise/Eloisa) - I think Elena is a little boring, Eloise is interesting though

    Dahlia - Eep! Someone else out there loves this name! Keep it!

    Scarlett - Pretty, in a harsh sort of way

    Penelope - cute, in a complicated sort of way

    Tess - Sweet & to the point, I like it

    Felicity - I always think of the American Girl doll but it's a nice name

    Eliza - One of my favorites

    Ruby - Another favorite, hubby never likes it

    Molly - a little too cute for me

    Matilda - Never have liked this one


    Holden - no, thanks

    Rafferty - like it

    Oscar - meh

    Mason - too popular

    Archer - COOL

    Ezra - it's ok

    Henry - too stuffy

    Simon - also too stuffy

    Bailey - sorry, I know someone with a pet by this name

    Shea - sorry, I really don't like this one

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    Elena (considering changing this to Eloise/Eloisa) - would MUCH prefer Eloise. It's such a gorgeous name
    Dahlia - pretty <3
    Scarlett - nice
    Penelope - the only reason I'd like it is for the nn Nellie
    Tess - seems like more of a nickname. Tessa's nice though
    Felicity - ehhhh not awful
    Eliza - really don't like this
    Ruby - precious!!!
    Molly - strongly dislike
    Matilda - after some bad connotations, this name creeps me out

    Holden - handsome
    Rafferty - NMS
    Oscar - awesome, if you're cool enough to pull it off
    Mason - I like this a lot
    Archer - LOVE IT
    Henry - so nice, I use it as a middle for one of my top boy names
    Simon - love! It's really underused, too
    Bailey - not my style, I automatically think of a dog
    Shea - nnooooot my style at all

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