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    Waiting to find out if it's a girl/boy and need name help with 13 weeks to go!

    We've decided to wait on finding out baby's sex, so I need to be prepared with both girl and boy names. Would love opinions on two girl names that are current favorites: Georgia Grace and Francesca Grace. We have a 3 syllable Italian last name (A-ma-to). I'm worried Georgia has been tainted with the mere rumor of it being considered as one of the Kardashian-West baby's middle names! I love this name and was so angry when I was seeing it mentioned in that news story. Grace is a likely middle name as it is my Mother in Law's middle name and we would like to honor her in some way. I'm not crazy about her first name (Linda), but have given some consideration to the name Kalinda (Sanscrit for "sun" or "mountains" depending on whose interpretation you read). Siblings are:

    Isabelle Margaret
    Daniel David
    Benjamin John
    Elijah Steele
    Raphaela Helene

    You can see we already have an Old Testament thread going with our boys' names and my husband actually wants to give the baby his name, David (even though our first son has this as a middle name). I've reluctantly agreed, but would plan on calling the baby by a middle name. William (to be called "Will" or "Liam") is the primary consideration as it is a family name that honors my Mother in Law's father and brother. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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