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Thread: Name Problems

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    Name Problems

    In this thread, you can post you're own name dilemmas even if you're not expecting. Then you comment in other people's problems or put your own out there. Just make sure you say who's post your writing to.
    I'll start:
    I really like Ever, like I LOVE the name Ever. But, I like it more as a nickname, so, I was brainstorming names that can have the nn Ever. I thought of the name Everdeen and I really like it. But, my only problem is Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Game lovers, you'll know what I'm talking about). I know it's a fair issue but I still love it. Thoughts? Are there any other names with the nn Ever?
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    Maybe: Verity

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    You could do Everly, Everson, Everan/Everen, Everlia.. that's all I can come up with

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    We have a neice named Evelyn who goes by Ever, even though there's no r in her full fn.

    Also, I know an Everett, a girl, who could be called Ever but they call her Etta.
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