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    Twin Boys need name help!

    We have four boys already Gable, Thor, Hawk and Wyn. All have double middle family name, one name that we just liked. Last name is 3 syllables and begins with M.
    Have twin boys on the way, and need help picking names for our new blessings! We want them to be rhymy names....
    Here is some we like...
    Ajax, Zane, Titus, Flynn, Fletcher, Braxton, Felix, Jasper, Judah, Otto, Malachi, Puck, Aalto, Micajah, Luka(s), Cas, Remington, Tripp, Bennet, Benji(man), Wyatt, Levi(ticus), Foxx, Finn, Jax, Nico(lai)...
    Not sure if all of them work with the names we have for our other boys?
    Middle names options, any of above names...
    Plus family names below...
    Truesberry, Eugene, Phillip, Alexander, Masi, Hank/Henry, Donald, Thomas, Matthew, and Christopher.
    Please give me opinions on names above? Match with middle names? Or add your own names! Thanks! God bless!

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    Ajax is too attached to the cleaner for me. Puck sounds like a hockey puck or 'pucker up'. Aalto would always be misspelled or mispronounced, and sounds like alto... as in a singing part. Micajah's spelling confuses me a bit. I'm not a fan of Foxx, especially with 2 x's and with a brother named Hawk. Jax and Cas sound like nicknames, not full names. Remington is too connected to guns, and Flynn rhymes with Wyn. Levi, Benji, Malachi, and Judah are a bit too Biblical and tame to fit in with their awesomely unique brothers. Felix sounds quite nerdy to me. Bennet, Luka, and Finn are all very soft names to me... which wouldn't fit with the brothers. Tripp is really a verb or something you go on to me... and Zane, Wyatt, and Jasper are just so common in comparison. Nico is a really common nn these days, so I'd steer clear of Nicolai. Gable, Thor, Hawk, and Wyn are all really manly and unique, so you need to match that...
    1. Braxton and Fletcher- they are both manly, powerful names... a bit rough and tumble, and completely down-to-earth, as I think the other boys sound.
    2. Titus and Otto- I like both of these, although they have a slightly different feeling from your other boys' names for me... Also, Titus and Thor sound a bit like a set.
    Also, it depends on the last sound in your surname which names would sound best...
    Braxton Puck Truesberry and Fletcher Ajax Remington
    Titus Alexander Fox and Otto Leviticus Puck
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    I think Zane or Titus is your best bet. I agree with tfzolghadr re Ajax, Puck, Aalto, Micajah, Foxx, Jax, Cas.... and Flynn being way too similar to Wyn. The rest of your names feel too traditional in comparison with your other boys' names.

    Maybe Zane is more common than I thought - I never heard of it until recently. But I think you need something 5 letters or less, masculine, uncommon as the first name to fit with sibs. Maybe Zeke?
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    From your list I think Zane and Nico fit best with your boys names. I like Flynn/Finn, but they rhyme with Wyn.

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