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    The new and improved list,would love your thoughts please, I really need to narrow..

    I have been all over the place- went off the naming deep end, LOL! but I have gathered myself back, and was able to make a real list...So here is where we are. After much thought. Meanings are a big deal, and the following combos have meanings that I feel are very special in one way or another. I would love to know out of these your favorites.. I am Trying HARD to narrow my list to three. Last names starts with Es and ends in "ah"
    Our other children are : Maggie, Jonah, Kelsey-Rose, Emma, Mary-Elizabeth, Levi, Isaiah, Sophie-Claire, Sarah Katherine, Serena
    **if this baby is a boy he will be named Luke Elliot** .

    Hannah Evelyn Jane ( grace, wished for child, God's precious gift) - totally still trying to talk hubby into Hannah!!

    Hannah Felicity Jane (Grace, Happiness, God's precious gift)

    Leah Evelyn Jane (weary, wished for child, God's precious gift )

    Lucy Evelyn Jane (bringer of light, wished for child, God's precious gift)

    Lucy Victoria Jane (bringer of light, Victorious, God's precious gift)

    Susannah Evelyn Jane ( Lilly of peace, wished for child, God's precious gift)-my sweet Susannah, hard to read without Joy though...

    Amelia Evelyn Jane(work, wished for child, God's precious gift)- this may be too close to Emma???

    Vivian Jane (life, God's precious gift)- I just fell in love with Vivian!

    Olivia Jane ( peace, God's precious gift)- popularity still deters me from Olivia, but maybe I am over thinking it...

    Anna Caroline Jane ( Grace, joyful song, God's precious gift)-I think this is pretty, but I find Anna a bit plain.

    Thoughts?? Thank you for hanging in there with me!!
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    Hannah Evelyn Jane- I really like all three names, but I don't think that the transition from Hannah to Evelyn is the best.

    Hannah Felicity Jane- I like this one! Better flow.

    Leah Evelyn Jane- Hmmm... a little better transition than Hannah, but it still bugs me for some reason.

    Lucy Evelyn Jane- I like this one, as well! This is my favorite of the _________ Evelyn Jane combos.

    Lucy Victoria Jane- Okay, but I'm not a big fan of Victoria.

    Susannah Evelyn Jane- This is okay... I'm still a little bothered by the "ah" to "eh" transition, but the overall flow of this combo works fine.

    Amelia Evelyn Jane- I don't really think it's too close to Emma, but that will come down to personal preference.

    Vivian Jane- I really like this one!

    Olivia Jane- I have the same issue with Olivia... so pretty, but a bit too popular for my taste.

    Anna Caroline Jane- I personally like Anna. Although it is popular and simple-sweet, it is a timeless and elegant name which will never go out of style.

    And, can I just say, I love how you have put so much thought into the meanings! It's really refreshing to find a kindred spirit who loves classic, Biblical, and meaningful names

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    My favorites are:

    Lucy Victoria Jane
    Susannah.....but personally, I'd go for Susannah Felicity Jane...........also not sure of your surname.....does the 'ah' ending of Susannah work with the echoing ending? I assume it works since you also have a Sarah, a Serena, an Isaiah and a Jonah
    Hannah Felicity Jane

    Good luck!

    I think Amelia and Emma are a bit close....
    Obsessing over names since 1964

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    I like your Evelyn Jane combos the best, and i think Leah and Lucy sound the best with your other kids' names.
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