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    Fia is adorable! So many great suggestions here and Fiala is beautiful. I just wanted to add Fiamma.
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    I'm back! And I'm having a grand time reading up on the article and following leads on these other names posted. Thanks again, Berries! I'm going to centralize all the suggestions and thoughts on each here (and I added a full list of suggestions to the first page)

    Delphia - I like it in theory but I'm not really into the "dolphin" thing

    Falicia - This one is is a pretty "mainstream" idea...runs a chance with DH as Felicia. I NEVER would have thought of it but it really works!

    Fiala - SO cute

    Fiammetta - too frou-frou and besides, DH would never in a million years

    Fiamma - Less fluff is good, but still not quite

    Fio - He'll say it's too insubstantial

    Fiona - We both like this one; I'm not so crazy about the Shrek connection and I don't know if he cares

    Fiora - This one is really growing on me, it's just so tragic I saw a billboard for a toilet paper brand by this name

    Fioralba - Probably too out-there for us

    Fiore - Is this pronounced fee-OH-ree? LOVE. If it's fee-OR, it's ok Does this source look correct? (their pronunciation keys have been off before)

    Fiorella - Hm, a little too Cinderella

    Josephine - maybe a little too clunky, plus I once had a pet named this, nn Josie

    Ophelia - too Shakespeare. What do you want to bet DH would like this one though

    Philomena - It has "mean" in it so no

    Phoebe - this one is tragic, because it has been a longtime fave of DH but he has never brought me around. Fia as a nn might have done the trick...but he just named a pet this!

    Phoenix - I like this one on boys

    Rufina - Ooh, that's kind of cool

    Seraphina - I've always rather liked this one, even though it's a bit long and ponderous; nn Fia makes me like it more

    Sophia - never have liked this very much

    And with the above as inspiration, I did some searches for names containing "phi" and "fi" and came up with these to add; maybe they will bring to mind some others for the Berries.
    Fianna (ooh I like this)
    Finley (I don't like this at all but I added it for anyone else searching for ideas)
    Fiorenza (giggle)
    Soficita (lol almost my nn)

    So far my favorites are Fiore (if it's actually fee-OR-ee), Fianna, Fiona, Seraphina, Fiala, and maybe Adelphia (contains Adele + Fia, two favorites, but is it too much like Adolph, or just look like a smoosh?), maybe Felicia, and GP Zilphia & Rufina (too foreign) and Soficita (fun, but it sounds pharmaceutical).

    As a stretch, possibly Daphne...DH really likes that one and I can't get over Daffy, though Fia would help. It would be nice if he liked Fia. Too bad! He likes Faye and Mia, but not enough to actually use and I guess Fia isn't improvement, because it's even less familiar. I like interesting sounds, he likes familiarity.

    Thanks for the ideas, Berries! Toss out any more you can think of!
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    FYI, I know a family with the surname Fiore, and it is definitely pronounced fee-OR-ee. I think I like Fiora better for a girl...more feminine.
    Also like Adelphia, Seraphina...

    No new ideas for you, though. Sorry!

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    Fianna would have been my suggestion.

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    I don't know if this bothers you or not, but feo/fea is the Spanish word for ugly...

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