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    Another lover of Fia here!! It was my number 1 choice for girls for ages.

    We were intending to use it as a full name.. but I can understand it might be a bit nicknamey for some.. also with our accent (Australian) it sounds a bit too much like "fear" when said out loud.. I only mention that because I never noticed that until my good old Mum pointed it out.. thanks Mum.
    But then we ended up having a boy anyway!

    I also love the full name options of Fiora!

    Fiore is also lovely and has the same meaning

    Or for something different there is Finna or Fina

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    Did you happen to see this posting - - over at waltzingmorethanmatilda?

    Good luck choosing a more formal name! Fia is a lovely choice.

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    EEEEK! Fiala! That's adorable. It would totally fit with the other siblings, and the meaning is cute too.

    Thanks for the Waltzing More than Matilda link, and all these other great ideas! I like Seraphina but I'm Sarah and I thought it would be sort of a weird naming-after-but-elaborating kind of thing. Fia would sure help that situation though. I must run tonight but I have some reading to look forward to when I have my coffee in the morning! Thanks Berries!

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    Fiala is gorgeous!

    I personally love Fioralba, and I know a woman named Fiorella, which I think would work, too.
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