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    I would recommend you use a short middle name, like you mentioned. I like Tabitha Rose a lot, but that might be too generic of a middle name. But then again Tabitha is so unique on its own that maybe you want a more current, modern name. Some ideas:

    Tabitha Rose
    Tabitha Louise
    Tabitha Grace
    Tabitha Mae

    Some longer middle names (and less common)
    Tabitha Violetta
    Tabitha Penelope
    Tabitha Helena (hel-Ay-na)

    Just a couple of combos I liked. As for a nn, I love Tibby, so cute and fresh! Hope this helps!

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    I have my own little Tabitha, named Tabitha Claire. I've been very happy with the choice. I also considered Tabitha Rose, but decided it was too common.
    We mostly call her Tabitha, but my mom calls her Bitsy and my dad calls her Beth (they are both big on nicknames). I do sometimes call her Tabi-Claire. (I know a Mari-Clare, which has the same feel.) Although we don't use it I also thought about Abi for a nn.
    Mom to Sonia Violette and Tabitha Claire

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    Tabitha Nicolak sounds lovely !some nn Tibby (love it),Abby,Tabby,Tab,Bitty,Bitha,Tazz,Toby.

    middle names(sorry for any repeats)
    Tabitha Juliet
    Tabitha Elena
    Tabitha Lane
    Tabitha Pearl
    Tabitha Rue
    Tabitha Kite(adorable)
    Tabitha Wren
    Tabitha Elysia
    Tabitha Willow
    Tabitha Mabel
    Tabitha Sage
    Tabitha Eden
    Tabitha Florence

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    I like Tabitha and think it sounds good with your last name. I think Tabby is a cute nickname.

    Tabitha Ruby
    Tabitha Poppy
    Tabitha Zoe
    Tabitha Paige
    Tabitha Lucy
    Tabitha Holly
    Tabitha Laurel
    Tabitha Bree
    Tabitha Molly
    Tabitha Charlotte
    Tabitha Maisie
    Tabitha Daisy
    Tabitha Violet
    Tabitha Summer
    Tabitha Maris
    Tabitha Georgette
    Tabitha Maeve
    Tabitha Sylvie
    Tabitha Mavis
    Tabitha Rosemary (not one or two syllables but sounds super-sweet to me)

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    I have to vote for Tabitha Claire. Sounds so pretty with your last name. I also like...

    Tabitha Wren
    Tabitha Rose

    and I'll add

    Tabitha Renee (or spelled Rene/Rena)
    Tabitha Brianne

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