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    Smile Middle names for Tabitha?

    Can anyone think of some good middle names to go with Tabitha? I'm not completely sold on the name, but it's my husband's favorite. Maybe some nice-sounding nicknames to go with it would convince me. I think either 1 or 2-syllable names would work best, since first and last names both have 3 syllables. Last name is Nicolak. Does Tabitha Nicolak even sound right? Thanks in advance!

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    If Nicolak is pronounced NICK-o-lack, I think Tabitha sounds fantastic with it! As for the middle name, I personally feel that the best-sounding combos are the ones with repeating vowel sounds. In this case, I would recommend coming up with names that have a soft A in them. That said, my very first suggestion does not follow this rule.

    Tabitha Prairie (I just think these names feel right together, because when I hear Tabitha I think of an old-fashioned girl in a golden field)
    Tabitha Alice
    Tabitha Malley
    Tabitha Cassie
    Tabitha Amity

    Other ideas:

    Tabitha Jane
    Tabitha Faye
    Tabitha Harper
    Tabitha Scarlett
    Tabitha Bea
    Tabitha Belle

    Good luck!

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    Yes, Nick-o-lack. Thank you, I do like Tabitha Alice.

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    Tabitha Alice Nicolak is a superb name.

    Tabitha Joy
    Tabitha Mary
    Tabitha Marie
    Tabitha Elaine
    Tabitha Elizabeth (I love the th-sound in both.)
    Tabitha Blythe
    Tabitha Wren

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