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  • Marlowe

    23 26.44%
  • Arrie

    6 6.90%
  • Amerlyn

    0 0%
  • Aria

    41 47.13%
  • Atlee

    4 4.60%
  • Mia

    26 29.89%
  • Brynlee

    4 4.60%
  • Millicent

    20 22.99%
  • Cambria

    9 10.34%
  • Aspen

    14 16.09%
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    Red face Due date quickly approaching...and the list is even longer! TAKE AWAY 4, ADD 1

    Hi Berries!
    I've posted a few times before and had some good feedback. We have already chosen our little girl's middle name (Noel/Noelle), but need a first name still. I know you berries are not up for "made up" names (although...a name has to start somewhere, does it not...), but I appreciate the candid feedback. Please take away at least 4 names, and add 1. I like names that sound feminine and beautiful. It doesn't need to be historic, or classic, or anything like that. All I want, is a name that I feel "fits."

    Here is the list (in no particular order):

    (1) Marlowe -- underused, in my opinion
    (2) Bless -- I had a friend named Bless growing up. She was a really pretty and sweet girl.
    (3) Arrie -- my great, great grandmother's name (on my previous posts people were saying it wasn't strong enough for a first name, and it was a boy's name...Well, she was around in the late 1800s/ early 1900s, and it worked for her ).
    (4) Amerlyn -- berries favorite name on my list... to hate. I have to admit, I love this name! It is derived from one of my favorite book series (original spelling from the book: Amyrlin). So, in that since, it is "made up." I don't care... I still like it!
    (5) Celeste-- one of the berries actual favorites, and one of mine as well. I'm not sure how well it goes with Noel/Noelle. The two together don't flow as well as I would like. Some say it's a good combination, but many of my close friends say it sounds too abrupt, especially with our one syllable last name.
    (6) Aria -- Yes, I know you are all going to say "Game of Thrones." Well, I liked the name long before Game of Thrones (book series by George R.R. Martin) ever existed and certainly before the tv show (based on the books). One of my hobbies is music and singing, and an Aria is an expressive melody, generally for one voice. So, I've liked this, as a name, most of my adult life.
    (7) Atlee -- name of a town. My son is named after a town as well, so it would be fun to have another town name. I was hoping for another Scottish name, but so far, haven't run across any Scottish girls names that I'm thrilled with, so would be up for suggestions on that front.
    (8) Mia -- I think it's cute...
    (9) Brynlee -- I saw this on a nameberry list, and really liked it
    (10) Millicent -- I like the nn Millie for this one, and the full name is nice as well
    (11) Cambria -- unique enough
    (12) Parker -- I prefer this as a boy's name, but enough people have told me that it's unisex, so it's hung around on our list
    (13) Aspen -- I love Colorado, and am an avid skier, so it works on that front.

    Please... give me your feedback, name deletions and name suggestions!


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    My favourite is Aria. I'm thinking about Bach and pretty little liar, actually. It's a pretty name. Aria nn Arrie, maybe? Next choices: Celeste, Mia, Aspen.

    I'll delete: Millicent, Parker, Atlee, Cambria.
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    Celeste - I actually think this goes beautifully with Noelle. They both have a frosty celebratory quality.
    Aria - I don't mind it actually. It's getting popular, but it's a pretty name. Aria nn Arrie would be a great compromise I think
    Mia - okay, very popular and not really my cup of tea, but it's perfectly nice
    Millicent - If it's really Millie that you like there are a ton of names you can use Millie as a nn for. Amelia for example you could use Millie or Mia; same with Camilla or Milena
    Cambria - this is okay, it's definitely trendy and makes me think primarily of the city, but it's a pleasant sounding name.
    Marlowe - I know a teenager named Marlow and it fits her well. It's a nice name. I prefer Margo, but Marlowe is okay.
    Bless - a great mn but hard to imagine as a flexible and easy to wear first name.
    Arrie - It's okay, it does feel very much like a nn though
    Atlee - again it sounds like a nn, maybe for Atlas or Ataliah, it's okay, just doesn't feel like a full name.

    considering that, maybe you'll like Ataliah or Camilla
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    Personally, I would take away Arrie, Atlee, Amerlyn and Brynlee. Adding lee to the end of names is annoying. What is wrong with Brynn? I love Brynn! My vote was for Cambria. I love Bree names! Cambria Noelle sounds magical!
    Cambria is an ancient name for Wales though, so how about Caledonia instead?

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    Why wasn't Celeste on the poll? That's my favourite! I wanted to remove Arrie, Atlee, and Brynlee, too... but you said only 4
    Arrie, Celeste, Aria, Atlee, Mia, Brynlee, Millicent, Cambria, Aspen... Add Tamsin.
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