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    Thoughts on Ember?

    I don't really like the name Amber, but I like Ember. I also really like the name Eris, but I don't love the meaning (she is the goddess of strife).

    What do you Berries think of Ember?
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    There was an Ember in my high school...she was very artsy/ off-beat, so that is my association.

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    I love the name.
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    I love the name, though I am a little biased, my sister is an Amber, who I tend to call Ember at times as well, mostly because our accent sometimes just makes it sound that way. So for me it's a name I love, and I think Ember actually sounds better than Amber.

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    I like the look of it, but I dislike that it sounds confusingly like Amber. I much prefer Kimber, which has the same feel to me but is much clearer.

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