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    Fear of sharing your names/combos?

    Do you berries have a fear of sharing your combos/names on here because you may be worried others will use them?
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    If a fellow Berry wanted to use my combos, I'd be honored! Some people on here come up with the most perfect names! I'd love it if someone wanted to use my not-as-exciting combos.
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    Completely agree with dindlee!
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    Haha no. I'm not that confident in my naming skillz! In fact I always seem to suggest all my favorite names, even tho I'd prefer them not be even more popular by the time I ever get the chance to use them!
    Plus, do you know how many people there are in the world? And do you know how many are on nameberry?

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    haha, no, not really. Most Berries' style is really different from mine. I like much more common names, so I rarely worry about it. I've come close twice--someone really wanted to add Isabella Aurora to their list, and someone else named their son Jack August William, and my combos are Isabelle Aurora Grace and Jack August Cole. But I'm not terribly worried, no. Mainly because the chances that a future hypothetical husband would actually LOVE one of my exact combos are pretty rare, so I'm trying not to get terribly attached, anyway.
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