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    I'm not concerned at all. I mean, I'm not going to name my kid Stormaggedon or anything, but I worry far more about the judgement of adults than I do children. Kids would probably think the name Stormaggedon is pretty spiffy.
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    I avoid names that rhyme with any potty language, No asses, turds, ect, im pretty sure kids will find a name amusing if it rhymes with a "rude or derogatory" word and if your child is sensitive or shows a strong reaction to this teasing it could turn into bullying. I also would hate it if my name rhymed with anything negative.

    Some names i crossed off the list for teasing potential -
    Logan the Bogan
    Astrid (ass turd)
    Celeste moleste.
    Artemis Fartimis
    Gabriel Gayyybriel

    They are all a bit silly but i couldn't use a name i wouldn't be happy being named myself.

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    I take it into consideration, but don't obsess. I think there's some truth to the idea that kids don't tease about names the way they used to, there's so much more variation today (Example: Mabel has a playdate with Sophie, Dez'tinee, and Catalina) that names are less likely to be considered "weird" than I think they were in past generations.

    Still, I think it's worth thinking through a name for obvious teases (especially as a pp pointed out, those rhymes that are likely to come up in the preschool years).

    I don't think Felix or Linus are especially cruel in the teasing department! I know a 5 year old Felix and it's quite adorable on him. His teachers are more likely to make the Felix the cat connection than his peers.
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    My Linus has never been teased once for his name. He is almost 7, only time he has been teased is when a friends child heard me call him "Graham Cracker" (one of his mn's is Graham) and then this boy thought it was funny and called him "Graham Cracker Boy" (which Linus liked at first, but then when the kid started to say it in a teasing "singsongy" way, it bugged him). Our Felix is of course not with us, and I cannot imagine somebody rude enough to tease the name of a stillborn baby, so I cannot comment on that too much.

    BUT, I will say that my kids and I encounter so many names that growing up maybe would have gotten teased but now, kids are very tolerant and not just that, but *used* to different names and they do not bat an eye at all. So if you like Linus and Felix, go for it!
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    I wouldn't name my child something that would undoubtedly be tease-able, but I do not spend a lot of time worrying about it. Like others have said, I think children today are used to a variety of different names. I love Linus and Felix, by the way!
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