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    Middle name for Sinclair

    I'm expecting our third baby, gender remaining a surprise, in three weeks and am struggling with names. I have a 4 yr old daughter, Marlowe, and a 2 yr old son, Harrison. I really like the name Sinclair, more so for a girl, but am struggling because I can't figure out a middle name that seems to flow well. I am finding lots of other name combos that I am ok with where Sinclair is the middle name, but I would like to use it as a first name. I need help!

    Other names in the running include Simone Sinclair, Naomi Sinclair and Glenna Sinclair for a girl, or Augustus Maxwell, Sloan William, Alistair Maxwell for a boy. I also LOVE Augusta or Augustus Sinclair, but just can't do ASS as initials!

    Sinclair _________ (girl or boy ideas welcome)

    Thanks for any help you can provide.
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