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    I'm having a boy!! Looking for a great middle name for Deacon

    It's official, I'm having another boy!! So far our favorite name is Deacon, but every middle name that we've come up with doesn't sound great with it. I'm having trouble with the flow. My husband loves really Italian middle names, but so far I'd settle for something that sounds good. I'm 20 weeks, so halfway there, but believe it or not I'm stressing about this middle name!! Do you guys have any suggestions?

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    The first thing I thought of was

    Deacon Henry...not very Italian, but has a good flow (I think)
    Deacon Antonio
    Deacon Leonardo or even just Deacon Leo
    Deacon Matteo
    Deacon Vito

    I just looked up "Italian" names and started putting things together. I guess it depends on your last name as well... I don't know if any of my suggestions are good But, I did my best!!
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    Deacon Lorenzo sounds great! Deacon Vittorio?

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