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    From your list, I love

    Asher -- I've always liked this name and the nickname Ash. I don't see it becoming SUPER popular.
    Jonah -- This is my favorite from your list. I love the name Jonah.
    Theo -- Just a great name. I prefer it as a nickname for Theodore, but it is very cute on its own!
    Nathaniel -- This is a great name, too, with good nickname possibilities.
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    Thank you all for your opinions, suggestions and help!

    @tfzolghadr - I love your suggestion of Matan and loved all of your comments. I'm sad how Riley and Casey have become more feminized. I love the name Casey because it reminds me of the baseball poem "Casey at Bat" and Riley because it was a male character on my all-time favorite TV show. But they are low on my list at this point.

    I also loved someone's suggestion of Yoav and the combo Jonah Sebastian.

    @ misshoppy- re the naming tradition, we are the last in our family to have children, so all of the deceased relatives have been named after. That being said, we have the initials of A, J (x2), H (x2), M and S, which we could always repeat. We can't use H because the DH's last name starts with an H and I don't like the whole alliteration/HH initials. Even if we don't use one of the grandparents' initials for our two English names, we will definitely name both Hebrew names after them. Also, I was cracking up at your other suggestions because 4/5 are current living close relatives of mine! I have family in Israel and we have a lot of traditional biblical names in the family already, so all of the "classics" are taken. But I like how your mind works

    I'm thinking now we've narrowed it down to Liev (my favorite), Jonah (DH's fave), Theodore (was always going to use the full name but will definitely use the NN Theo) and Asher (it's still hanging in there). Also trying to get the DH to like Matan (as either a first or a middle).

    Thanks again, everyone

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    i like asher, jonah, & nathanael (this sp). all of these are on my 'big' list. i also really like ezra & it's less popular than the others?
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    Aviv, Jonah, or Asher would be my choice since your last name isn't obviously Jewish and I think it's important to have that identity. I really love Theo (as a nn for Theodore), though.
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    You can go to the Our Baby Namer website, click on the popularity tab, and enter your names to see the detailed data of what I'm talking about here...

    Last year there were fewer than 3550 Asher/Ashur babies in the U.S. These names are becoming more popular, but it looks like there will be fewer than 4000 in 2013. So, based on the estimate of 2 million baby boys born in the U.S. each year, that's about 1 in 500 boys (1 in 1000 children) named Asher or Ashur. Hopefully these numbers can assist you in figuring out whether that's something you and DH are comfortable with. Best wishes!

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