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    Love Jonah. I like the suggestion someone offered of Jonah Sebastian. Very strong.

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    Re: Asher popularity. It's a very popular name currently among conservative Christians I know in the Southeast. I know of at least 3-4 boys and 1 girl named Asher, all under age 5.
    I also know 1 Jonah. I think it's a fun name, personally like it better than Asher, too. I also like Jonas, which somehow feels slightly more adult than Jonah to me.
    Do you not like Theodore? It's much more complete than Theo, I think!
    I also LOVE Omri, pretty unusual but easy to pronounce/spell, I think?
    I like Liev, but you prob will have some pronounciation issues with it. It's a great name though, so maybe worth it.
    Really don't like Dustin. I grew up with a few and for some reason they were always annoying. Plus you have the nn Dusty. Riley and Morgan also seem like a bit of a different style than a lot of your other names.
    I like Aviva better than Aviv...maybe save it for a girl?

    Other not-so-common Biblical names for you:
    Jedidiah (Jed)
    Abner (like Asher but cooler. also, supposedly the name of the inventer of baseball!)

    more common but still great Biblical names:
    Jeremiah--instead of Jeremy?

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    Asher - I like this one, it's hard to predict future popularity but if you won't be comfortable with it potentially reaching there I wouldn't use it.
    Jonah - I do prefer Joseph to Jonah but it's a nice enough name. Definitely not popular but nn Joe is.
    Liev - I prefer Lev to Liev, I just find the pronunciation a bit forced.
    Theo - Nice, though I prefer Theodore nn Theo
    Morgan - Love this one on a boy!
    Nathaniel - Prefer Nathan to Nathaniel but again, nice enough
    Riley - Not really a fan of this, it's a bit trendy.
    Dustin - I didn't care for this until I saw the tennis player Dustin Brown be totally awesome a couple of days ago and it's rekindled the name for me.
    Omri - I've never heard this before (om-ree?) but I'm not sure I like it.
    Aviv - Reminds me of Tel Aviv.
    Casey - I like this, I'd like to see it get more use.
    Jeremy - Handsome and classic, I really like this too.

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    Asher- This has been one of my favourite names for nearly a decade. I'm sad about its popularity, but it really is a wonderful name. I love the link to Chaim Potok's "My Name is Asher Lev", and I also love the meaning of this name.
    Jonah- I know a number of Jonahs, but that's not to say that it's not great. I do really like this name.
    Liev- Really cool, actually...
    Theo- I much prefer Theodore with Theo as a nn... I just see Theodore aging better and giving more flexibility for new nns should he want as he grows up.
    Morgan- Meh, it's ok.
    Nathaniel- Overused.
    Riley- A bit girly.
    Dustin-1980s. This would've been my name had I been a boy.
    Omri- I actually think this is an awesome, rather rare name. I'd love to meet an Omri. The only downside is that I remember Omri not being a very good king...
    Aviv- Not really a fan, as I just think of Tel Aviv...
    Casey- A bit girly to me.
    Jeremy- 1970s-1980s

    I have to admit that I really like your name choices that reflect your heritage. I think it is way more meaningful to give your child a name linked to their heritage, rather than just a nice sounding name... but that's just me. Some other names that might fit...
    Abraham (Abe is a great nn), Ido (I have an Israeli friend by this name), Ephraim (DH vetoed this :P), Amos (Amos Oz is THE MAN), Matan (unique alternative to Matthew, which still gives the nn Matt), Zakai (unique, I know, but this is actually pretty cool... and you have the nn Kai), Eben (a refreshing alternative to Evan), Gideon, Reuben (I adore this name with its nns... Ben, Roo, etc.), Judah (a more obscure alternative to Jonah), Oren (I know a few Orens... it's a great name), Benjamin (a true classic that will always be semi-popular), Simon, Malachi (wonderful name with the nn Kai), Ezra (LOVE), Alon (love this!), Jeremiah, Micah, Saul, Aaron, Edan (maybe a bit too similar to Eden?), Isaac, Raphael (perhaps one of my fav names ever, complete with the nn Rafe), Azriel, Eliezer (ok, so maybe this is better as a mn, but Eli would be a cute nn... I would completely use this one!), Seth,
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    @tfzolghadr: love your list of Jewish/old testament many good ones. A couple of my favorites that I totally forgot: Reuben (actually one of our top 5) , Ephraim, Abraham...Also, I was surprised you said Judah is more obscure than Jonah, because in my circles of acquaintances, they're pretty equal. But I looked up the rankings and you're right! Though, I do think if you combine the popularity of Jude with Judah, you get close to the same as Jonah. Also, Raphael (Rafe) is awesome, one I hadn't thought about.

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