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    Honestly I would go with something more unisex, w/out knowing better I would think Avery is a boy if her sister has a frillier, more feminine name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arlheights View Post
    I'm due with a little girl - she could come any day. I have a 3yo daughter named Avery. We have a long Austrian last name - Muehlegger. I come from a huge family, and am trying not to repeat any names, but I need a name for this little girl.

    Her mn will be Rose after her great- grandmother.

    Which of these names do you like best?

    Other great ideas?
    Aaah wow you've left it late! Hmm well Avery is a name with a particular style. Avery is a masculine turned unisex choice which has a very trendy feel. Avery is pretty however but I do think you need to stay away from names that a lengthy. Which dismisses from your list Katherine, Elizabeth, and Charlotte even though they are gorgeous choices unfortunately they look strange with Avery.

    This leaves...
    Katerina Rose - I'm personally not a fan of Katerina for me she feels very 90s.
    Natalie Rose - Natalie is a lovely choice very sweet and simple. I like the simplicity of Natalie with Avery.
    Natalia Rose - Natalie and Natalia visually look similar and are related even though I prefer Natalie with Avery I think Natalia works better.
    Lauren Rose - Lauren is a lovely choice, very sweet and humble. I think Lauren works well with Avery.
    Olivia Rose - Olivia is very fashionable at this precise moment, she's a gorgeous choice and sounds very pretty. Olivia Rose is my favourite choice just because she works well with Avery and despite her popularity she feels fresh.
    Sabrina Rose - Sabrina in my head is too witchy.

    For me my favourite is Olivia Rose. I think Avery & Olivia work stunningly well together.

    Caitlin Rose & Avery
    Willa Rose & Avery
    Harper Rose & Avery
    Cara Rose & Avery

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    What a beautiful list! You can't go wrong with any of your choices. I disagree with the previous posters. Although Avery is unisex, it don't find it remotely masculine. I find it rather dainty. I think Natalie would be perfect with Avery. Lauren and Elizabeth are probably my favs, but like I said, you can't go wrong with any of these.

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    Katerina Rose and Natalia Rose are beautiful.

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