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Thread: Hazel June?

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    Hazel June?

    I have posted about this name a few times in the past but I'd really like some more opinions. I usually have a hard time committing to names in general but Hazel seems to be sticking with both hubby and I.

    Some thoughts I had:

    How is this name so popular? #175? Up from #343 in 2008. I feel like on Nameberry it's very popular but I personally have never met a Hazel in my life, young or old. I'm hoping it's established enough to be a classic revival rather then a trendy blip.

    I like the naturey/color vibe. I also like the Z sound in the middle. I've read up on the symbolism of the Hazel tree here as well.. which has made me like the name even more. To me, it just sounds like such a pretty and magical name.

    I can picture it on an energetic and outgoing girl or a quiet and serious girl. It just seems to work.

    Hazel June to me sounds lovely but I'm worried it might be perceived as somewhat hipsterish. Thoughts? I've also played around with the idea of using a double middle to honor my great grandmother Marie. Wdyt of Hazel June Marie? Is it too much of a mouthful? I am open to other middle suggestions as well.

    Like I said, I have commitment issues with names. It's been a long road TTC for us and I guess I just don't want to feel like I'm settling on a name that I'm not 100% sure of. Has anyone else had this same issue? Any thoughts or feedback? Do you know any little Hazels in real life? How do you imagine a little Hazel?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I love Hazel (it's a family name for me) and it remains on my list despite its high rank on the SSA list because I agree, it's more of a classic revival that fits with current trends vs a new trend. I imagine a little blonde girl with curly hair but it could certainly fit on anyone. I think it's adorable and energetic but still serious enough not to be cutesy.

    I think Hazel June is cute, maybe a little hipster-sounding. I do like adding Marie for your great grandmother. Another idea might be to take a variation of Marie as the middle name (not sure if you'd still feel like that is enough of a tribute) like Marietta, Marielle, etc. Here's a huge list if you're interested in it Congratulations
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    I know it is so popular on nameberry, but I just don't like Hazel. I love vintage comeback names, but this one is not feminine enough for my tastes. I don't hate it, but I would prefer to see it on a pet (I actually know of several pets named Hazel). However, if you love it, then go for it.

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    Hazel June is lovely. Go for it! As far as popularity, I'm sure you'll meet more Hazels in the days to come. I know a 4 yr old Hazel (California) 1 yr old Hazel (Uganda) and a one week old Hazel (Canada). All good friends of mine who gave this name to their daughters. Best of luck!

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    I love the name. I don't think it's too hipster or too common. I wouldn't get caught up in the ranking. It's not like it's "Jennifer" circa 1986; she's not going to be in a class with 7 other Hazels. You connect with the name. That's what's most important!

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