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    Need a hipster fn for mn Wren

    I love love love the name Wren, but only want to use it for a middle name. Getting the nickname "birdie" from Wren is just so dang cute. I could use some help with first name suggests to go along with Wren. My name style is very hipster and vintage. I've been pondering Norah Wren, Matilda Wren, Piper Wren, Ruby Wren, and Stella Wren. There are a lot of first names that can blend into the middle name Wren and sound like one word when said together, so I'm trying to avoid that. I also want to avoid anything that sounds like an actual bird... like "Look at that Hazel Wren!". So I think color names are out (aside from Ruby)

    Thanks in advance!

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    I love all the names on your list, especially Matilda Wren and Stella Wren. I'm not sure about Ruby Wren though, its a bit too descriptive for me. How about:
    Romy Wren (i really like this!)
    Tabitha Wren
    Sadie Wren
    Lola Wren
    Eliza Wren
    Juno Wren
    Zoe Wren
    Molly Wren
    Gracie Wren
    ~ Mama to Juniper and Arlo ~

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    Great suggestions so far, I particularly like pps' suggestions of Romy Wren, Antonia Wren and Sylvie Wren.

    What about Maude Wren? I think it's really sweetly vintage.

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