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    Question Sisters Set Help!

    What do you guys think of these names for a set of sisters!? To me they each have a special meaning and a family connection but I want to know if they sound nice together. Right now we're just planning and not near TTC. If it helps the kids will most likely have honey blonde hair and blue/green eyes because that's what we both have

    So the names are:
    Colette.. My sister is named Nicole and this is my way of honoring her because both names stem from Nicolette
    Elodie.. This one is without a connection but I just think it's pretty!
    Aurelia.. My best friend's name is Aubrey and I like the way they have the same beginning letters. And my significant other really loves Leah but I'm not a fan of the meaning so this is a good compromise because it has Lia in it.

    Middle name choices:

    Any opinions/ideas/combo are extremely welcome! Or any to add to the list. Be honest I can take it

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