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    I know you're trying to narrow down, not widen...but...what about Graciela? You seem to like names with the feminine "a" at the end, and it's another way to get to Gracie without really re-using Grace.

    Viviana is also so pretty.

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    Hannah Evelyn Jane - I love Hannah because it means "grace" without being Grace, which should be a positive for you and your husband. I agree with other posters that there is a better name out there to flow with Hannah other than Evelyn. Have you used Abigail before? Because Hannah Jane Abigail E. would be pretty. I like Hannah Jane. And Abigail has a fantastic meaning...

    Hannah Felicity Jane - And there we go! Felicity pairs much better with Hannah than Evelyn in the flow department. I would argue that Hannah Felicity is enough of a name, but Hannah Felicity Jane is pretty. And, of course, honors daddy.

    Leah Evelyn Jane - In the meaning department, how does Leah's meaning beat any other? "Weary" isn't as nice as some others in contention. The story of Leah is a nice one, so I see where you're coming from, but with a Levi already, I think Leah has to go - it's just way too close!

    Lucy Evelyn Jane - Lucy Evelyn is pretty. Evelyn Jane leaves something to be desired as far as flow. I like how Lucy Evelyn E.'s initials would be LEE, which I believe is a family name?

    Lucy Victoria Jane - This was one of my suggestions, so I'm a little biased. Ha! I love the meanings together. So powerful and pretty. I think Victoria is a really strong classic that you don't hear around every corner today, and I think she adds elegance to Lucy, which is more youthful.

    Susannah Evelyn Jane - The flow here really isn't doing anything for me, I'll be honest. And, after Sophie-Claire, Sarah Katherine, and Serena, having a Susannah just seems, I don't know! I want another initial in there! ;-)

    Amelia Evelyn Jane - Amelia and Emma are both in the Emily family, meaning they share a root, similar to Elizabeth and Isabel. So, yes, I would say Amelia and Emma are too close. I don't care for the flow of Amelia Evelyn Jane at all, and I honestly think Amelia is too long with your last name.

    Vivian Jane - If you're going to use Vivian, and I think it's superb with your last name and a great choice after Serena, you should include another middle name between Vivian and Jane. I'm thinking Vivian Lucy Jane E. is the best option on the table.

    Olivia Jane - If you have a reason to kick a name off your list, why don't you? If you have others you favor, I think you're at a point where you can say "no" to a name like Olivia and not have regrets. Olivia is a beautiful name, yes, but it is popular. Is that a huge deal? I guess not. I'd also argue Olivia is a little long with your last name. You get a little melody overdose with that combination.

    Anna Caroline Jane - This combination pairs three complete classic names. You started that with Sarah Katherine's name, but by adding Lea (Lee) in there, you gave it a little something different. Anna Caroline Jane has no "different," so maybe that's why the entire combination feels a little plain to you? Say if you used something like Anna Cecily Jane. A little different, huh? But, Cecily doesn't have a great meaning. However, it does relate to Cecilia, and Saint Cecilia was a virgin martyr and patron saint of music. You could also do Anna Felicity Jane, which adds a little something extra to the combination.

    I've got another one to throw out randomly at you - Laurel. I think Laurel sounds very pretty with your last name, and it's a sorely underused, gentle botanical name. Laurel means "laurel tree," but the significance is much greater. The laurel was used to fashion laurel wreaths in Ancient Greece, given as a symbol of status and prestige. In Ancient Rome, the laurel took on the meaning of victory and honor, hence terms like "poet laureate." The laurel symbolizes prosperity in the Bible, and is used to symbolize the resurrection of Christ in Christian faiths. I think Laurel pairs nicely with another underused virtue name like Amity, which means "friendship," finally paired with Jane. Laurel Amity Jane E., maybe? I also think Laurel Susannah Jane is pretty, or perhaps Laurel Vivian Joy.

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    I so have loved following this naming journey. I cannot let go of Anna Caroline Jane. I find it so beautiful. Classic and elegant but plenty of cute nn for when she's little.

    That said, your options are lovely and you really can't go wrong. My next favorite would be Hannah Felicity Jane.
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    Vivian Jane! I'm starting to really love Vivian.
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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    Susannah Evelyn Jane is hands-down my favourite! I adore Susannah and this combination is lovely
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