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Thread: Any thoughts?

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    Donovan Winder
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    I think all your options are nice, and they would all make fine names. My favorites are:


    If one of the names is more special to you than the others, I'd give extra consideration to that one. Otherwise, the way the first name and last name sound together is really important - usually you don't want rhymes (like Zane Rane) or goofy repeats (like Jameson Robinson), so whatever the surname is going to be, you can say them out loud together and see what works best. If you're interested in meaning, that can help you decide too.

    For middle names, I pretty much always recommend using the family name if that's an option. Even though Winder is followed by an R name and that slur together is something you generally want to avoid, I think it's okay for a middle name. You aren't saying it every single day like a first name/last name, and in the end I would say it's more important to pass down the family name.

    Good luck deciding! And don't forget to post in Birth Announcements when your little man arrives!

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    Weston Ellis R. - This one is okay, I prefer Wesley to Weston.

    Jameson Cable R. - Handsome

    Donovan Winder R. (Winder is a family name) - Love this one, especially the use of a family name in the middle name slot!

    Wyatt - I really like Wyatt, but where I live it is really popular.

    Zane - Love, love, love! This name is totally handsome and masculine and spunky! Familiar without being used too often!

    Owen - Love it, it's one of my fave names!

    Everett - Okay, this seems to be getting popular lately.

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    I like Everett and Owen!

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    Of your choices Donovan Winder is my favourite. I love the flow of the names and that Winder has family connections for you.

    Weston Ellis R. - Okay, I don't think it flows particular but two good solid names
    Jameson Cable R. I dislike both Jameson and Cable. James instead of Jameson would make this combination much nicer imo.
    Wyatt- A good solid name.
    Zane- Not my style.
    Owen- A lovely name. Would fit nicely with the middle names James, Rhys and Thomas.
    Everett- A lovely, slightly unusual choice. I like this one a lot.
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